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Rainy days come, NULITE air energy heat pump provides stable breeding hot water for fish and shrimp and other aquatic products


      Although it is spring now, affected by the cold air in the north, there will be cooling and rainfall in most parts of our country in the next few days, which will bring trouble to people's life and travel. For aquaculture farmers, the cooling caused by the rainfall may not only make the water sick, but also may cause the aquatic products to die, causing them to lose everything overnight. Take herring, grass carp, silver carp and bighead carp, which are known as the "four major fish" as an example. Right now is the breeding and hatching period of the four major fish. The optimum water temperature for breeding and hatching is 20-28°C, and the optimum water temperature is 24-24°C. 26°C, if the water temperature is lower than 18°C for 2 consecutive days, the fish will not be able to be fertilized normally due to "cold damage", and the hatched fry will easily die; on the contrary, if the water temperature is higher than 28°C for 2 consecutive days, the production will be reduced due to "heat damage". The number of eggs, or because the hatched fry develop too fast, appear deformed, resulting in a lower hatching survival rate.


      In order to solve this problem, under normal circumstances, aquaculture farmers will choose to monitor the water temperature from time to time, and then inject hot water to warm up the aquaculture water according to the change of water temperature. Although the whole process sounds simple, it is a very troublesome, laborious, and expensive thing to do. It requires skilled workers to continuously monitor the water temperature 24 hours a day and prepare hot water from time to time for emergencies. For this reason, in recent years, many large-scale aquaculture farms have abandoned the traditional heating method and switched to the popular NULITE air energy heat pump to store the temperature of the pool water.


      Air energy heat pump is a kind of equipment that can produce hot water only by using a small amount of electricity and a large amount of free heat energy in the air. There is no open fire when working, no exhaust gas, waste residue, dust and other pollutants are discharged. It is very environmentally friendly and safe. . At the same time, because the "electric-heat" conversion method is not used for heating, the water and electricity are separated when the air energy heat pump is heated, and there are no electrical components in the water tank, so there is no need to worry about leakage accidents, and the energy consumption is very small. Under the same conditions, the energy consumption It is only 1/4 of the electric water heater and 1/2 of the gas boiler.


(NULITE-Dandong City, Liaoning Province Zhongwei Aquatic Products Daily Hot Water Supply 1,200 Tons Project)


      Of course, the above advantages alone do not make the NULITE air energy heat pump the first choice for aquaculture. It has more advantages. The NULITE air energy heat pump adopts intelligent automatic control. As long as the parameters are set in advance, the unit can automatically monitor the specific conditions of each pool without unmanned operation, and then perform a series of operations such as heating, adding water, and keeping warm to simulate aquatic life. The ambient temperature, even in an environment of minus 35 degrees, can still ensure that the water temperature in the pool is always at the most suitable growth temperature for aquatic products, promote the rapid growth of aquatic products, reduce the probability of water diseases and death, and help farmers create benefits. In addition, the NULITE air energy heat pump can not only provide hot water, but also can produce low-temperature cold water in summer. It can be used for two purposes.