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A business trip to India



 A business trip to India

Our company will visit India from February 27 to March 5, 2019. In addition to visiting the customers, we also took part in the 2019 Mumbai International HVAC Exhibition.

 NULITE-Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater-a Business Trip To India

ACREX, the Mumbai International HVAC Exhibition in India, is a large-scale refrigeration and air-conditioning exhibition in India. It is jointly sponsored by the Indian Association of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) South India Branch and the All India Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Association. Since 2011, the Indian Refrigeration Exhibition ACREX has been changed to one year, and it has been held in the capitals of New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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As the Indian economy continues to grow, India's construction industry is also expanding, with an annual rate of 12%, which is twice the world average. The prosperity of the construction industry has driven the refrigeration and heating services and construction services. Prosperous. Refrigeration HVAC is growing at an average annual rate of 25%, and the industry's economy has reached $4 billion in the past three years. India's economy has developed rapidly in recent years, and its large population has great potential for India's development. Although the current per capital income is low, in terms of the current economic growth rate of India, India needs only time. The trade cooperation between China and India has further promoted the economic development of the two countries and formed a complementary development.

The global trade war launched by the United States has promoted the development of the economies of China and India. India will usher in a golden period of economic development with the support of China's trade cooperation.

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In order to further expand market share, we set about promoting the Indian market.So this trip to India, we will visit some dealers who have the potential to become our company in India.

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In addition to India, we will also visit neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka.

We believe that these places have huge markets and believe that the future air heat pump will become a necessity in human life.