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Nulite New Energy's Success at the INTERNATIONAL HVAC&R EXHIBITION in Spain


In the period from November 14-17, 2023, our company participated in the INTERNATIONAL HVAC&R EXHIBITION held in Spain. 

We warmly welcomed over four hundred clients, engaging in discussions and exploring collaboration opportunities in response to their inquiries about heat pumps.

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Nulite New Energy Company is dedicated to continuous design and development of innovative heat pump products that meet market demands. Our company has incorporated numerous personalized and user-friendly features into their products. 

A standout among our offerings is the newly launched R290 heat pump, distinguished not only by its high performance but also by its compatibility with solar panel,aligning with the company's commitment to maximizing the use of renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

At the exhibition, our heat pump products garnered significant interest and appreciation from attendees. 

Engaging with clients provided valuable insights and suggestions, inspiring us to enhance our products further.


Looking ahead, Nulite New Energy Company anticipates participating in Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, from June 14-19, 2024, alongside other exhibitions.


We remain committed to innovation, sustainability, and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in our products. Our journey continues, fueled by the passion for advancing renewable energy solutions.