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Why Is Air Source Heat Pump Better Than Air Conditioner?


When we talk about heating equipment, many people's first reaction is air conditioning, the second is coal, natural gas or solar energy, etc., few people think of air source heat pump.


In fact, whether it is heating or cooling, air source heat pump is much better than air conditioning. There are difference of air conditioner and air source heat pump.


Working ambient temperature & Electricity bills.

As we all know, Air conditioner not only hasn't a good heating effect, but also consumes electricity in winter. From parameter of air conditioner we can see that the reason is related to the operating temperature of the air conditioner.

In general, the operating temperature of the air conditioner is -7 C ~ 43 C, which means that the air conditioner cannot work below -7 C. In fact, when the ambient temperature is 0 C, the air conditioner is already difficult to heat. So most of the air conditioners at this time will use electric auxiliary heating. Therefore, the air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity when it is heated in winter. and the electricity cost is very high.

Air source heat pump, its working ambient temperature is -25 C ~ 43 C. It uses Enhanced Vapor Injection Technology, can stable working at cold area.

The air source heat pump uses energy of hot air to heat, instead of relying on the "electric-thermal" conversion method to heat, so the heating rate is reach 400%.

Therefore, the air source heat pump has a wide range of applications. It not only has better heating effect, but also saves energy and electricity  compare with air conditioner.


Unit Design

(1) Compressor: The built-in compressor of the air source heat pump is a Enhanced Vapor Injection type.It has high heating performance in low temperature ambient environment.

(2) Different system pressures: The pressure of air source heat pump is much higher than air conditioner, so the copper tube of the air source heat pump is thicker than air conditioner.

(3) Maximum temperature of heating: In general, the maximum temperature of the air conditioner heating does not exceed 40C, but air source heat pump can reach 60C.

(4) Service life: In general, the life of air conditioners is 7-8 years, but air source heat pumps can be more than 15 years.



(1) Heat exchange medium:

Air conditioning is a fluorine system circulation, which absorbs a large amount of water from the air, leading to air drying and water loss.

However, the air source heat pump is a water system circulation. Through heating water and then using the form of air supply to transfer.

The moisture in the air will not reduce, and the overall humidity is more in line with the physiological habits of the human body.

(2) Direction of air supply:

The air supply direction of the air conditioner is generally blown from top to bottom, which is easy to cause discomfort to the person.

 The air source heat pump with heating terminal equipment and uses the principle of the wall flow to heat from the bottom to the top to create a warm feeling.

 In summary, although the working principle of air source heat pump and air conditioner is similar, since the heat exchange medium and air supply direction are different, the comfort of air source heat pump is better than air conditioner in the heating experience.