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Why do rural “coal to electricity” frequently use air energy heat pumps? Because it saves money and is cheap

Why do rural “coal to electricity” frequently use air energy heat pumps? Because it saves money and is cheap


With the development of the “dual replacement” project, “coal to electricity” and “coal to gas” have become the mainstream of northern rural heating. However, after investigations by relevant persons, people tend to prefer “coal to electricity” than “coal to gas”. For example, in many “coal-to-gas” villages, every household has been connected to natural gas, but they are rarely seen using it. The reason is simple, because natural gas is too expensive.

But in villages that use “coal to electricity”, especially those that use air energy heat pumps for heating, the reputation is much better. In 2017, Liujia Village, Xiaqiu Town, Laizhou City, Shandong Province implemented the “coal to electricity”. Villager Mr. Zhao used 5P Nulite air energy heat pumps to heat his house with a total of four main houses and one wing, with a total heating area of about 70 square meters.


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On November 15, 2017, the equipment began to officially operate. Since Mr. Zhao’s house was also occupied during the day, the equipment was basically operating at full capacity (the end was fully opened). In order to save electricity bills, Mr. Zhao will keep the minimum temperature of the outlet and return water and the indoor temperature of 35°C and the highest of 55°C every day. The indoor temperature is kept above 18°C (the heating temperature requirements in rural areas are relatively low). The equipment ceased operation on April 14, 2018, and the total electricity cost for the operation was about 2,100 yuan, 650 yuan less than before.


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According to Nulite staff, the reason for saving money is that the electricity price is very low because of the surplus of electricity in our country and the shortage of natural gas; the second is that the power consumption of the air heat pump itself is very low, and the air heat pump does not use electricity. Electricity is only used to run the heat pump. The real heating energy comes from free heat in the air, so the energy consumption is very low, only 25% of ordinary electric heaters and 50% of gas boilers.

It is not easy for people in rural areas to make money. If no one in the family goes out to work and only relies on farming, it is not bad that one mu of land can make a net profit of 500 yuan a year. If you switch to “coal-to-gas”, it will cost you several thousand yuan a winter. Of course, farmers will not bear it. But if it is to use air-energy heat pumps that are about the same price as coal, or even cheaper than coal, farmers will naturally not resist that much.