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What is High voltage protection and how to sove it?

1. High voltage protection
  The panel of the unit shows high-voltage protection. There are many reasons for this failure, which can be roughly divided into waterway system problems and unit component failure problems.
1. Waterway system
   Eliminate errors in engineering installation. If the unit is reported to be under high-pressure protection after a period of normal operation, the water volume is often too small. It may be that the Y-type filter is dirty or the casing is fouled. This requires separate investigation.
   The specific steps for checking whether the Y-type filter is dirty are as follows:
  A. The host machine stops running, and the valves at the front and rear ends of the filter screen are closed to prevent a large amount of water from flowing out.
  B. Use a spanner wrench to unscrew the Y-shaped filter plug and pull out the filter.
  C. Rinse the filter in the tap water and put it back in the pipeline.
  D. Remember to open the front and rear valves before starting.
If the filter is dirty, you need to consider the possibility of fouling of the casing, especially in areas with hard water quality, the possibility of fouling is higher. To check the fouling, you only need to disassemble the main unit to check the inlet and outlet pipes. If it is found that the high-pressure failure is caused by the scaling of the casing, you only need to contact a professional cleaner to clean the scale.
2. Unit component failure
   The common unit failure leads to a low possibility of reporting high-voltage protection, focusing on checking whether the fan is working normally,
   ①If the fan does not rotate, the fan capacitance or relay may be damaged, just adjust the multimeter to the file or measure the on-off file to judge.
   ②If the high-voltage switch is turned off immediately after the brake restarts, there is no doubt that the high-voltage switch itself is broken, just replace it.
   ③ If the unit has been used for many years, the fins covered with dust may also cause high-voltage protection, and only need to clean up with water to eliminate the fault.