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what are the pros and cons of installing a heat pump?

by:NULITE     2019-09-04
Advantages: the investment property for the investment owner, the first is to be able to heat the house without gas service.
From the point of view of maintenance, natural gas may be expensive (
Not cheap plumbing! )
, When some tenants fail to pay the gas bill on time, it can prevent constant reconnection charges. Bottom line -
A public utility is missing, which can save owners from headaches.
Disadvantages: efficiency?
The problem above is that because these units seem to become more and more efficient every year.
However, when the temperature drops below freezing point, even the most modern heat pumps have to rely on hot strips to defrost.
This is still quite inefficient compared to natural gas.
One of the easiest and easiest ways to improve efficiency is to simply replace the air filter.
Maintaining regular replacement of air filters will improve the efficiency of any central forced air system.
More efficient choice?
A recent trend is to install a geothermal heat pump that will make your system more efficient than a standard heat pump.
The temperature of the Earth is constant every year. round.
Geothermal heat pumps can take advantage of this constant heat source, but are very expensive to install.
So your efficiency and long term
The cost of the semester has increased, but the increase is very large.
Upfront costs for all excavation and additional plumbing.
Pros: Let\'s be totally honest and even more heated.
If you are used to gas heating, you may be disappointed that the air coming out of the vent will cool much more than the heat pump.
How much cooler?
Typical gas units generate 120 degrees of heat at registers, about 95 degrees compared to most heat pumps.
So if you choose to switch to a heat pump, you may be shocked by the difference.
But this is actually an advantage.
It will heat your area more evenly than a typical gas stove.
Also, it won\'t dry the air!
If you consider the switch after weighing the pros and cons, be sure to have a licensed and certified heating and air company to install it.
Please follow all local building regulations and laws during the upgrade.
Be sure to keep these filters clean!
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