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we review the top 10 hatchback cars

by:NULITE     2019-08-17
The hatchback was the original city car.
Small enough to be able to change through traffic (hatching! )
Carry a larger load.
No wonder they are so popular.
On the continent, hatchbacks are considered the most basic, while pubs are more stylish. But the potential utility of the hatch in the UK-although you rarely see someone actually moving the refrigerator-means they make up the third place in sales.
The body shape first appeared at the end of 1930, but the practicality of a large rear-end door and a folded rear seat, so that more loads can be really captured in 1970 seconds, the term hatchback is used first.
Here we list the top 10 hatchbacks from Sun Motors.
Including our expert rating and reader rating.
We also want to know which one you think is the best.
So vote, we will print the results on Sun Motors in the coming weeks.
Sun rating: 5/5 verdict: Jim, this is a carnival, but it\'s not the best in the UK as far as we know --
Sell the car and if it\'s big enough to fit your lifestyle, it\'s easy to see why, as it\'s perfect for city life in the UK.
Even the mom\'s cart version, it\'s fun to drive so the brakes can withstand the impact.
Big sales mean a lot of choices, so don\'t buy from the first few people you see. Be choosy.
Don\'t forget that a wider tyre means a bigger bill when replacing the tire.
Note: problems with the engine pump and unrelated water leaks to the front foot plate.
Sun rating: 5/5 Verdict: great before.
It\'s still great for many people, even before creating an image of \"if everything in life is as reliable as vw\"
Popular golf is the best choice.
It looks good in any driving situation, and the quality, fit and finish of each generation are improved.
There are exciting GTI models, but most of them are fast enough, comfortable enough, quiet enough, etc. to meet the needs of most drivers.
This has become the default option if someone wants a reasonable hatchback.
Note: Check the timing belt on the gasoline engine, 2-litre diesels.
Ford FocusSun rating: 4/5 conclusion: the best A3 yetcyborg would say it\'s just a high-end version of golf, but most owners don\'t think so, and its low-key styling means you won\'t get the wrong attention.
The A3 feel is even the best in the industry than Golf and Audi interiors.
The S-line suspension makes the car lower, but it is much more difficult to drive. Double-
The DSG gearbox seems to prefer a manual drive rather than a fully automatic one.
Note: Double-
Especially after traveling 50,000 miles, the diesel version vibrates on the mass flywheel.
Sun rating: 4/5 conclusion: ultra-small supermodel, but lack of fierce competition between Corsa and Carnival, which depends largely on personal tasteup.
As with Carnival, Young/more enthusiastic drivers can use the brakes in large quantities, so please check.
You need at least 1 if you want to refuel.
2 liters under the hood. The 1.
4 liters is better for long highway trips unless you are at 1-
It makes sense to rise.
The UK is Europe\'s largest Corsa market with annual sales of around £ 83,000.
There will be a new Corsa debut by the end of this year.
The current car was launched in 2006.
Sun Rating: 4/5 Verdict: One of the most classic small VWs ever
Polo is more valuable than most small cars even in comfortable and well-made areas, for these reasons, but the recent version seems to be more vulnerable to stone and wear and tear damage.
Unless you can find a good stand alone and even the price of the parts is not low, your service fee will also exceed the average.
Diesel engines are often dirty.
The version from 2005 to 2009, and then the version from 2009 to the present.
Around £ 5,000 will provide you with good conditions of 2008 and low mileage (sub 20,000)1.
5 liters of gasolinedoor.
Note: Make sure the engine timing chain has been changed according to the service manual.
Sun Rating: 3/5 conclusion: not that sexy, but it makes sense for prices in recent years, which is usually good bystanders, which is definitely correct for the 207 launched in 2006.
Similarly, Peugeot has recently been more interested in diesel engines than gasoline-and thus working with BMW on some gasoline engines-so they tend to drive better than gasoline engines.
The front seat space is large, but the back seat space is compact.
The handling is not as flexible as the old Peugeots, an exceptional 208 replacement launched in 2012, and has been largely corrected.
The gear changes a bit sloppy.
It\'s bigger than it looks, so be careful about parking.
Note: check the electrical appliances to ensure the correct repair of the engine.
Sun rating: 3/5 conclusion: not an outstanding super mini, but a smart package. It is not so quiet and not so smooth, the cabin design is quite frustrating, but it does not prevent Toyota\'s Yaris from becoming a big seller in the UK.
Although Yaris was one of the 35,000 Toyota vehicles recalled in the UK in April, there is guaranteed reliability to do so.
The biggest problem is the failure that can cause the driver\'s airbag to stop working during the collision.
The cabin is spacious and well equipped.
This is a great option if you are out of town enough to heat the diesel particulate filter and clean it up. 4 diesel.
If gasoline is bigger than gasoline 1litre.
Note: Ask a driving coach!
Sun Rating: 3/5 Verdict: a small car that has improved a lot and is more refined, but this Mazda3 did not have a model in 2008 after four times
Mazda 3 is a left car
This is a cost-effective way to drive a family.
It is a great choice for sensible transportation and driving with gasoline and diesel engines.
Ford\'s focus is on reducing the cost of the two manufacturers and sharing quite a few running gear.
The car has a good reputation for reliability, but the parts are expensive.
The best bet is 1. 6 litre petrol. Avoid 2-
Provide too much fuel for the extra go for the lift movement.
Note: diesel particulate filter, diesel injector, check the clutch.
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