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we have a lot to learn about nature but pond newts a start

by:NULITE     2019-09-04
Last Sunday afternoon, I went to the news in an ecological pond.
Sicke has a thoughtful doctor and his family.
The pond is a miracle.
Nowadays, the water of a small group of frogs and new fish is really rare, not only because it is full of this and other wildlife, but also provides geothermal heating for families. googletag. {});
Its creation is a tribute to the doctor and his family.
It was created 25 years ago, when this enlightenment was largely unknown in this country, and as the founders realized, as the years passed, it would gradually become part of the local nature.
Look at it now and people will think it is original.
Can we create such a pond that generates heating systems for the environment free of charge in terms of fossil fuels or carbon emissions, and to provide an absolutely natural habitat for creatures who need and deserve to refuel is threatened in some cases.
However, our house has been built and we cannot go and tear up the floor, and, in any case, we do not have a garden large enough to accommodate ponds and pipes. googletag. {});
However, for couples who are fortunate enough to buy an acre of land, the cost of creating a unique, ecologically sustainable world from the very beginning is not possible if planning is made from the very beginning.
Read more islands in Ireland: The last bus to the imagined island. The pond is 8 m long and 5 m long, but it can be half large and lined with Ding, which is ecologically acceptable.
The pipe runs through it and is buried on the nearby land.
The result is not only priceless in ecological value, but also priceless in business value.
Electricity is needed just for lighting and delivering water through the radiator in the house.
The birds nest in the trees around it, the eyebrows sing at night, the bats fly at dusk, and the tadpole swims in the pond;
This is a paradise for children and adults.
In the news I came to see, I found only a few: it was the wrong time of the day, the sun hung high in the sky, waiting for hours before dusk.
The ones I see seem to be bright blue: I think, it must be the blue of the sky reflected on their skin: it\'s a warm, cloudless day. googletag. {});
There are more and more rare Amphibious lizards. They are very beautiful creatures. Especially during the breeding season, the male forms an obvious coronary position along the back from the head to the tip of the tail and takes it to the pond.
There, his color turned green or brown and his body was covered with black spots.
His belly turned bright gold or red with a silver stripe on his tail.
As he swam through the complex courtship ceremony required by hisharem, the badge rippled like a closed and unfolded sail.
For the future-
Dom, the female remains monotonous, the color of the brown weeds around it.
She may carry up to 350 eggs, so it\'s better to keep a low profile.
There are three varieties of new fish in the UK, but in Ireland we have only one, that is, the common newt fish, which was Swede Carl Linnes in 1758 (Carl lin.
Linnai, the most important zoologist of his time, identified, named and classified thousands of organisms (
Plants, animals, bacteria and fungi. )googletag. {});
Jean Jacques Rousseau, a contemporary philosopher, said to him: \"I do not know the greater people on Earth.
In August, Swedish writer strinburg wrote: \"Linnaeus is actually a person who happens to be a naturalist.
He collected and classified animals, plants and minerals and published several authoritative books on natural history.
Read moregardens\'s guide to what happened to Munster and boyande, who died as one of the most acclaimed scientists in Europe.
Now, while linnai has been away for a long time, his naming system continues.
All names must meet the standards of the International Animal naming code.
Zoologists apply the code \"to avoid confusion if the animal\'s naming is not regulated.
The preamble to the first edition of the code states: \"Language develops in countless directions, but the biological nomenclature must be an accurate tool that will convey accurate meaning to all generations, google tag. {});
More than 8.
The 6 million species that live on this planet are only described as more than a million.
Under the serious threat of global warming, it seems very sensible for us to study as many people as possible, because in some cases we may redeem.
If we can protect and study the nature around us, it\'s the best, just like it\'s in the Inuit pond.
We have a lot to learn.
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