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water pumps failed just after last thai boy was rescued from cave, diver says

by:NULITE     2019-09-01
The rescued 12 Thai boys and their coaches were called the \"incredible resilience\" of escape, but divers involved in the operation revealed that a few hours after the last boy was evacuated, the water pump that drained the area began to fail.
There are only 1 rescuers and 1 diver.
According to The Guardian, 5 kilometers inside the cave, the equipment was cleaned up, when the water level began to rise \"significantly\" due to the failure of the main pump.
Three Australian divers stationed in Room 3 told the news media that they heard the screams inside the cave and when the workers rushed away they saw a group of head torches inside the tunnel.
A diver told the Guardian that \"The Scream began to appear because the main pump failed and the water began to rise,\" He spoke anonymously because he had no right to comment.
The journey from Room 3 to the entrance to the cave initially took about 4 to 5 hours, but after a week of drainage with a shovel and clearing the mud path, the journey was reduced to less than an hour.
The boys endured half an hour of zero visibility diving and were put on seat belts in some places
A leader in the United States says there are many rock caves. S.
This is part of the operation, called the \"once in a lifetime rescue \".
Derek Anderson, 32. year-
Old rescue experts in the United StatesS.
The Air Force in Okinawa, Japan, said the dozen 11-16-year-old boys and coaches who had been trapped for more than two weeks were \"very resilient \".
\"What really matters is that coaches and children get together to discuss staying strong, having the will to survive, and having the will to survive, Anderson said in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday.
On Sunday, the complex operation to take the boys out of the cave began, when four boys were already drawn.
Four more boys were rescued on Monday, the operation ended on Tuesday, and the last four boys and their 25-year-old boys were rescuedyear-old coach. The 18-
The ordeal of this day has attracted most people in the world.
From the terrible news of 13 people missing to the first flashing video discovered by a pair of British divers nearly 10 days later, the video was crowded with anxious but smiling boys.
On June 23, after football training, the group entered the vast Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand to explore, but the monsoon rain filled the tense passage and prevented their escape, push them inside and look for shelter.
The scale of the challenges faced by rescuers from Thailand, the UK, Australia and other countries is only true in the United States. S.
In the early morning of June 28, when the rain poured down, it reached the cave.
The Thai government has asked the United StatesS. assistance.
\"When we arrived, the cave had dried up, less than an hour and a half, and it had filled between 2 and 3 feet, and we were pushed out,\" said Anderson, son of the missionary . \", Born in Syracuse, New York, grew up in Ecuador.
\"It was just the beginning of the cave when we realized that the problem would be much more complicated than we thought,\" he said . \".
Thailand decided to let the boys go out for diving despite their weakness and lack of diving experience, as relatively mild weather provided a window of opportunity.
The massive operation of pumping water also means the creation of airbags at key points in the cave, making rescue possible.
The imminent prospect of lower oxygen levels, disease risks, and more rain flooding into the cave complex in months means \"long term
\"The boy\'s long-term viability in the cave is becoming an increasingly unviable option,\" Anderson said . \".
Divers practice rescue techniques in the swimming pool, and the height and weight of local children are similar to those of the wild boar soccer team trapped in the cave.
The aim, Anderson said, is to have each boy \"tightly packed\" so that divers can control them and adjust their air supply as needed.
This process involves them passing through a long passage slightly larger than the adult body.
Divers bring a buoyancy compensation device to establish neutral buoyancy under water, a hat-capped diving suit, a bungee rope and a special mask to the narrow dry highlands where boys are squeezed together.
Positive pressure masks are \"very important,\" Anderson said \".
Their use means that even if a boy is panicked
Maybe it\'s because it\'s stuck in a narrow passage.
There is water in his mask and the pressure will drain it out.
The initial attempt to locate the boy did not succeed twice, because of the power of low temperature --
The flood rushed into the narrow passage, making it impossible for them to pass.
Even if conditions improve, divers start laying their lives.
It is dangerous to preserve rope guidance through caves.
\"You have to lay ropes in this kind of cave diving, which is your lifeline.
\"You have to make sure you have a way out when you go in,\" Anderson said . \".
\"They are making progress, but they are making very little progress, and it took them five or six hours to cover 40 or 50 metres (yards).
Anderson said: \"Every rescue operation has about a hundred people in the cave, and each boy has been dealt with by dozens of people because they have been launched through a dangerous campaign in a total of nine rooms.
They are guided by two divers at certain stages.
In some narrow passages, they are connected to only one diver.
In the cave with air bags, they \"floated\" in with the support of four rescuers.
Some places are completely dry, but Rocky or deep in the back of faith.
\"We have to build a rope system and high
\"In order to be able to safely put them in the harness and take them to large open areas so they don\'t have to go all the way down,\" Anderson said . \".
Cylinders placed throughout the cave to replenish the boy\'s air supply are \"blocked\" by 80 of the oxygen, not ordinary air, because \"this will increase their oxygen saturation, it would be really good for them and he said, \"their state of mind.
\"The world just needs to know that what has been achieved is the once-in-a-lifetime rescue that I think has never done,\" Anderson said . \".
\"We are very lucky. The result is this.
It is important to realize how complex the puzzle is and how many parts must be combined.
\"If you lose calm in such an environment, there will be a lot of bad effects,\" he said . \".
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