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video: architect paul mcnally has total belief in the passive house system

by:NULITE     2019-08-24
Kya deLongchamps spoke with Paul McNally, Cork architect who just won the RIAI annual awards. {createP});
Although Part L of the building code contains ambitious changes, there are no better building quality standards in terms of energy efficiency than passive house certification (PH).
Earlier this year, Duane laugir
Rathdown became the first local authority in Ireland to amend its county development to encourage low energy/passive housing standards. googletag. {});
What is provided is a highly technical level of construction, as well as operational costs and critical results --
Surprisingly comfortable.
Even in the event of a building boom, a standard size residence with a PH standard can be heated, cooled and ventilated at a price of € 150 per year, often with little use of any conventional means.
The capital cost of PH even being refurbished to less stringent Enerphit standards can get a significant premium of at least 10%.
However, this difference is shrinking because the basic PH elements such as ventilation systems, insulation and glazing by PH standards are not from Austria and Germany, but from the country. googletag. {});
Architect Paul McNally, excited about winning the best sustainable project at the Irish Architecture Awards, is fully convinced of the passive residential system.
\"A house built according to the current L-part standard in the building regulations will be warmer than a house built six years ago, and that house should be airtight.
However, the house is 4-
In terms of air tightness, it is 5 times more leaking than the certified passive house.
\"Before winning the prize last week, I visited a very special apartment in Clonmel, located at 53 O\'Connell Street, as it was only the third non-
Residential buildings in Ireland are certified as passive residential standards.
This month, it is also one of the last three projects of the best retail project nominated by 2015 Irish construction awards.
The whole building is completed with an honest facade rendered in gray and white.
It is upright but not squeezed, and the windows on the two floors have classical rhythms.
The certified passive apartment overhead extends from the pharmacy and bites a delicate square from the height of the front. googletag. {});
I found that the fresh sand exterior surface is a professional rendering and is an important element to complete the insulating outer leaves.
I just want to draw.
The living space on the first floor of the two floors is separate
Level and get married to the south/north extension area of the building
Even the eastern Strait has a bright ocean distilled from the driveway.
\"Passive houses really need a southern direction to get them to work, otherwise there is no choice but to overcompensate with insulation.
\"We need as much passive solar gain as possible, connecting on one side of the building and 2 m from the wall on the other.
We do not want buildings in passive buildings to be threatened by actual needs.
Paul explains that there are several myths surrounding the passive building: \"The windows can be opened and the thermostat can be set to whatever is appropriate if you want to make the room cooler . \".
Windows are not ideal in winter. googletag. {}); With MVHR (
(Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery)
, You can keep the windows closed and still enjoy fresh, clean, filtered air, damp evil.
\"The three-story glass, aluminum-clad unit of Munster Fine Woodworking does not have a hot bridge, providing a warm window.
\"Three pieces of glass\" means that even in a busy city center like cloning Mel, you can live relatively quietly.
First of two bedrooms upstairs, roof top
There are four pieces of glass in the lamp.
Third, the low upright window of the monster woodworking frame, the mountain view in the distance, the master bedroom has a falling ceiling with striking architectural gaps, gathered more for this room facing north but set the ceiling on a delightful float. The en-
The windows of the suite allow us to climb the windowsill in an 18th-century style and walk to the terrace.
The steep slate, bowl windows, secret views of St. Mary\'s Church and the mountains make this the landscape of the soul, protected by the town of the ancient city walls.
The wall thickness of the apartment is equally impressive.
\"There are graphite-enhanced expanded polystyrene beads on the outside, finished with self-colored rendering.
The cavity is pumped beads with mineral wool on the leaves inside.
Passive houses are highly technical and a sealed envelope is essential, \"Paul explains. googletag. {});
\"The external insulation is wrapped around the window.
The window is aligned with the insulation material in the cavity, not with the block
Work like a traditional building.
\"The step out of the restaurant is the plant room, which contains the core of every passive building --the MVHR.
It has a wall, about 50 cm of the kitchen base.
Maybe there is a very nice German refrigerator that gives a soft buzz.
The water of the solar panel enters the unit and preheat the water supply.
The electric heat pump recovers heat from the air in the ventilation system and returns as needed.
The baffles around the apartment ensure a quiet run.
\"Part of my approach is to create a log of building usage performance.
I track the internal temperature and humidity as well as the external temperature and humidity.
\"The resulting chart shows a very stable indoor temperature of about 20C (+/-
Familiar with PH standard 2 °C).
Paul admits that \"the L part is gradually moving towards zero energy\", but it is only incremental.
Wolfgang fester, founder of the Passivhaus Institute, takes comfort and quality as the final game, while the L part only takes babies
A step towards a radical change in the construction industry.
\"The construction company of Paul McNally PassivHaus. www. passivhausarch.
Contractor: ogelman Construction Company (Ardfinnan)Ltd.
For a comprehensive exploration of passive housing, please visit www. seai.
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