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ukraine u-turn: gazprom kicks off bulgarian part of south stream

by:NULITE     2019-09-03
In return, Alexi Miller, CEO and chairman of Gazprom, promised that customers would receive discounts on natural gas supplies across Bulgarian territory.
Miller also said other local energy suppliers will be able to use the Nanxi system, a condition the company has never agreed to before.
National energy holdings of Bulgaria
Owned Group will borrow € 0. 62 billion from Gazprom at a rate of £ 4 a year.
For 25% 22 years, economic and energy minister delagomir stoiev said at a briefing on Thursday in Sofia.
The agreed rate is almost half of the 8% previously discussed.
A large part of the work will be done by Bulgarian companies, and Stoynev expects the project to receive $3 in revenue.
Between 2013 1 billion-2014.
The only collateral for the loan will be the dividend paid by Gazprom to transport gas through Bulgaria.
Gap zrom has agreed to make full compensation for any remaining unused materials
Said stoiev.
Although Sophia was one of the first countries to sign an inter-governmental agreement in 2008, 540 km-
According to Kommersant, a long pipeline is the most difficult for Gazprom.
With the gas dispute between Gazprom and Kyiv\'s Naftogas intensifying, the importance of the Nanxi project as a bypass of the traditional Ukrainian route is increasing.
\"With the risk of crossing the South Creek,\" said Aleksey Miller, CEO of Gazprom . \".
In the first nine months of 2013, transit through Ukraine amounted to 61 billion cubic meters, compared to 2012 in fiscal 84 m³.
2 billion.
The Nanxi pipeline will extend by 2400 km kilometers, and the annual production capacity will reach 64 billion cubic meters by 2019, in one direction to Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Italy, croatia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey are in the second direction.
The undersea part running the Black Sea will be able to transport 15.
Russia sends 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Eastern Europe.
Pump month of Russian natural gas industry Co. , Ltd.
According to Bloomberg News, 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas is shipped to Bulgaria every year through Ukraine and Romania.
Bulgaria costs up to 1 pound.
Imports of oil of 4 billion euros per year, and recently, Gazprom has asked Ukraine to urgently pay $1 billion for gas, raising concerns about a new \"gas war \".
In 2006 and 2009, as Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine, leaving many customers without heating, a major supply disruption was caused by the pricing dispute over the advance payment.
The first effort to bypass Ukraine was the North Creek project, which connects Russia and Germany under the Baltic Sea.
It\'s estimated to cost $7.
4 billion and opened in November 2011.
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