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transforming dead stone houses into holiday homes

by:NULITE     2019-08-25
Our country view was dotted with the stone ghosts of the dead home, but an architect revived the two and turned them into a holiday home.
Once thatched grass is destroyed by these elements, the traditional Irish farmhouse melts back into the landscape typically less than a generation, and sometimes less than a decade.
Without Lady Thatcher\'s remedial visit, tighten and order the roof of the river reed to rot first-the pores on the thatch soak in the supporting wood below.
The rain is overflowing, the rain is saturated, blocking the porous white lime that used to breathe the house.
It becomes green and penetrates down in the globe.
Now the stone is exposed.
The rain flooded the veins between the masonry and washed the house
The bed mortar that once put it together.
Next, the wooden window supports make way, and both sides come down-leaving behind what we usually see today: two mountain walls connected by low stoneslying rubble.
The gable is maintained due to gravity and the placement skills of the farm workers, who can quickly flip the irregular river rocks and rotate into the perfect soldier wall --
There are thousands of stone ghosts on farms across Ireland.
There is at least one on almost every farm, and some have several.
These piles have some emotional, or even spiritual, stopping farmers from pulling them down-especially if parents or grandparents are born inside.
The problem with reusing such a structure is that it has proven to be too costly so far.
How can you work financially with basically a bunch of dry stones, but for farmers eager to actually use these mental shells, architect Peter Legge and his colleagues may give an answer.
The rest of the world seems to think so.
Since its completion two years ago, Legge has converted the shell of two destroyed cottages in conimara into a single family holiday home, which has received attention and praise in design books, including magazines and journals published in the United States, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Bulgaria, Italy and even China.
Legge was called in by a retired couple who owned a holiday home in Co Galway that was close to each other for many years and got the scenic coast located between lundstone and ballyconnely
Recently, their children, as well as their recent grandchildren, came to see them and persuaded them to build a second home.
So they called Legge and Associates.
Instead of knocking down the two dead shells, Legge proposed to use them as the heart of a new home.
The house was called \"folans cott\" after the last resident before the resurrection-a tenacious farmer named Folan who lived between two buildings until he was in his 1970 s
The conimara had no electricity. When the weather was getting cold, he took the livestock in.
While he was away, the two buildings collapsed.
\"These houses are built with special expertise that they rarely have access to credit.
Their position is correct for the Sun and meta, and for these houses they are built with dry stones, one on top of the other.
So it seems right to find a way to incorporate them into a new house, \"said Peter Leger.
\"We decided to incorporate their footprint.
We knew they had gone too far to fix, so we noticed that existing corners and other key stones were placed in the corner of the gable, and we carefully removed them.
\"We found other people from around the site.
Because the walls of these cabins are dry.
No mortar, this is not a problem.
We built our house and then repaired the dry stone of the original outside and put as many stones back as possible in the original place.
\"The area marks the intersection between the round stone granite and the ballyconnely dalradian igneus mixed stone.
\"This home is unusual because it was built by two kinds of stones.
It carries a prominent stone at both ends of the gable to whip the lash fishing net at any end that once held the roof in place.
\"Peter and his team, including his wife Cornelia, joined the two cabins with a short glass link, which will be the entry and circulation center for the new two levels
This will lead to the home of the floor.
The two buildings are turned into one with a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and three suites and bedrooms with sea views and Twelve Pins. Double-
The Glazed door is open and the kitchen is completely outdoors in sunny weather.
Inside, the designer ensures that the colors and textures reflect a different view of the outside such as the beach, the sea, the sky and the twelve-pin mountains.
It includes polished concrete, oak doors and flooring, and well-crafted local carpentry.
Air source heat pump provides domestic hot water and underground hot water
The floor heating requirements are effective even if the outdoor temperature is below zero.
Farmers will want to know how much it will cost.
But Leger kept Shum.
\"In this case, there will be different considerations and costs for each project.
But what I want to say is that it doesn\'t cost that much to build a new home.
\"On the other hand, historic buildings like this always have a commercial advantage-the revenue potential can recover the money spent.
\"When visitors come here to stay, they want something that is traditionally Irish and are prepared to pay extra for it.
In fact, the family who owned the house successfully rented it.
This proves the situation of other similar buildings around Ireland.
There is a way to reuse them in a practical way.
The owner\'s website added: \"The lawn and laundry are included in your rent, but additional calls and electricity charges are charged.
In 1912, Henry Ford returned to liceland and bought his family.
The brothers who owned it tried to stitch him up at the request of the parish priest, who advised them to reject Ford\'s offer because \"he has more \".
The cunning auto worker gave up the bid instead-but not until he returned to the United States with Hearthstone.
Trust him in his 56-
Completed the bedroom limestone building in Michigan the next year.
For Irish farmers, the \"folan\'s cott\" project is worth a look-especially if they are located in tourist hotspots and can now see the tourist potential in their sentimental stone pile
The inspiring example of Legge means, at least for now, that these ghosts have a chance to resurrect.
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