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by:NULITE     2019-08-25
Director VHI will meet with mcrivey
VHI chief executive Vincent Sheridan will meet with internal market commissioner Charlie McCreevy today to try to ease, according to the Irish Times
The meeting came as the Irish Association of Actuaries reiterated its position yesterday that community ratings could not be achieved without a risk balance.
\"In the open insurance market, risk balance goes hand in hand with community ratings,\" said David Haney, chairman of the Association\'s medical and social policy committee . \".
According to the newspaper, Mr. McCreevy recently filed a legal action against the government\'s policies, canceling the solvency requirements that other insurance companies must meet.
This gives VHI an unfair advantage over its competitors because it doesn\'t have enough capital to underwrite the business, he said.
Real estate agents are still very optimistic.
Independent reports say real estate agent Savills Hamilton Osborne King has shifted a sense of doom over the growing Irish property market, saying \"the best possible purchase is likely this year \".
The newspaper said the agency\'s real estate outlook is very optimistic about the prospects of the real estate market, housing prices are expected to rise 5-6% this year.
These price increases, although below 12% growth, are higher than the 3-5% price increase predicted by the industry --wide.
HOK also noted that home prices for those who bought property before 2003 increased by 70%, \"these lucky people now have more equity than debt \".
The British Energy Fund will dry up in a few hours.
According to The Guardian, the British government\'s plan to help people improve the energy efficiency of their homes is once again in trouble. This time, because the money allocated to February was used up in just ten hours a month --at 10.
February 1 fifteen o\'clock A. M.
The low-carbon construction program of the Ministry of Trade and Industry aims to promote the installation of solar panels and wind turbines on houses, but has been plagued by insufficient funds and soaring demand. The £3.
5m initially allocated to 2005
Only six months later, the fiscal year 06 ended.
According to the document, the plan provides a grant of up to 50% pounds for solar photovoltaic panels, 400 pounds for solar panels producing hot water, and 30% pounds for wind turbines and hydropower.
Electric or air-
Source heat pump.
* Record 400 in art sales
According to the Financial Times, auctions of Impressionist and modern art at Sotheby\'s in London have risen by 94.
9 m, the highest amount achieved in an operation in Europe.
The newspaper said it was the first sale of a series of high-tech products.
This week\'s London profile auction is expected to raise up to £ 400.
New buyers from Russia, China, India and the Middle East, as well as the promotion of well-paid financial sector staff.
The Financial Times said the highlight of the auction was the sale of a portrait by smaller people --
Chaim Soutine, a famous Belarusian expressionist painter.
Sold to an anonymous buyer for £ 8.
75 m, about twice the estimated value.
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