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Tobacco drying season is coming, energy-saving and stable Nulite air source dryer helps tobacco farmers


June to August each year is the peak season for tobacco drying. There is a saying in the farmer's proverb that "curing tobacco is like taking treasure from a fire, a good roast is a treasure, and a bad roast is like dung grass." To bake high-quality tobacco, baking processing equipment and process conditions are very important.

In the past, tobacco farmers generally used the method of "hiring experienced flue-cured tobacco masters + gas, oil, coal and other hot air blowers" to dry tobacco. However, in recent years, driven by the global energy saving and emission reduction trend and the country’s advocacy of clean and green energy, high-temperature air energy drying technology has been developed in a blowout manner. A large number of coal-fired baking rooms have been replaced by heat pump dryers, such as Henan Province. A tobacco base in Zhenping County, Nanyang City abandoned the original coal-fired boiler and switched to a Nulite air source dryer for drying.

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The air source dryer is a kind of equipment that absorbs the heat in the air by a small amount of electricity to produce a large amount of hot air, and then sends the hot air to the drying room through a pipe to dry the materials. The air-energy dryer does not use fuel during drying, produces no open flames, emits no exhaust gas or waste residue, has no fire hazards such as fire and explosion, does not damage the atmospheric environment, and does not cause secondary pollution to tobacco. Safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and clean equipment.

Nulite air source dryer is a high-quality product in the air energy industry. It uses nulite's new-generation microcomputer control program internally. There are multiple sets of drying processes loaded in the program. Users only need to choose different processes according to the quality of tobacco. The heat pump will work automatically, with stable air output, precise temperature control, and automatic shutdown after drying. The whole process does not require manual operation, which can greatly save labor costs and reduce labor intensity.

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According to the relevant staff of Zhenping Tobacco Base, in addition to being safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and trouble-saving, the most important thing about using Nulite air source dryers is to prevent the traditional drying method from drying accidents due to manual operations or other reasons. The quality of roasted tobacco leaves is degraded, or even scrapped. The roasted tobacco leaves are not only of good quality and appearance, but also very stable. Newcomers can also roast high-quality tobacco leaves.

The nulite staff said that the Nulite air source dryer has a wide range of applications. In addition to drying tobacco, it can also be used to dry crops such as fruits, vegetables, grains, medicinal materials, and seafood, as well as cash crops. , Even wood and sludge can use Nulite air source dryer.