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To achieve "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", NULITE helps central heating drive to a new track


A few days ago, when the "Urban Central Heating Carbon Neutral Summit Forum" hosted by the Heat Pump Professional Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association and Nulite was held, the appearance of the above pictures shocked all the comfortable home furnishing practitioners who were concerned about this event. If I tell you now, this is a central heating project in Zhao County, Hebei Province. The heat source is air source heat pump units from NULITE. The operating cost of the heating season is calculated to be lower than the price of other heating areas in the north. In addition to "shocking", you will probably have the same doubts as the original author-central heating can still be so energy-saving?

       Regarding the policy benefits that are generally envied by southerners, central heating is also due to historical factors, and some participating brands that appeared at the beginning of the implementation of the “coal to clean energy” policy in 2017 were shoddy and regarded the “coal to clean” market as the market. The elimination of product dumping grounds has left many people with the impression of low-price competition (mixed brands), backward products (slow technology iteration), excess heat supply (regardless of comfort), and “cheap” and “low quality” impressions. And a batch of air source heat pump application cases in the central heating market, represented by the Zhaoxian central heating project, may subvert the traditional impression of the above-mentioned practitioners on the northern central heating market!

      In the topic sharing session, Professor Ni Long of Harbin Institute of Technology said: As of the end of 2019, the area of urban central heating is about 13.1 billion square meters, the area of urban central heating is about 11 billion square meters, and the central heating rate is about 85%. From climatic conditions to building conditions, the current technical conditions of air source heat pumps for heating and cooling have great wide applicability." Song Zhongkui, secretary general of the China Energy Conservation Association, said: "The air source heat pump technology using renewable energy is Efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Whether it is central heating or household heating or other commercial applications, this technology is an effective and feasible solution to boost carbon goals." Member of the Urban Heating Expert Group of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, HVAC The director of the branch and Professor Dong Chongcheng of Harbin Institute of Technology said: “The goal of'carbon peaking' and'carbon neutrality' is not only China's commitment to the world, but also a feat that affects the sustainable development of mankind. However, given that China is a large coal-consuming country To achieve this goal, it is necessary to find renewable energy as an alternative. Among them, the widely used air energy technology and products have special incomparability. And as far as heating is concerned, due to its unique characteristics, it can also be efficient in the early and late stages of heating. Operation to enhance the comfort of terminal owners and the energy-saving performance of the system."


      According to data, the heat pump commercial heating market has continued to grow in the past four years. The market has gradually improved its business chain from focusing on the energy efficiency of the main engine to more focusing on the energy efficiency of the system. In addition, the government work report in 2021 has reported on "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral". Zhao Hengyi, the heat pump committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, stated at this forum: “The air source heat pump that can be fully integrated with the smart grid will undoubtedly become a low-carbon heating and heating supply. An important technical means of electrification."

The author believes that as more and more high-quality brands, cutting-edge technologies and solutions participate in the central heating market, and with the country’s improvement and implementation of policies related to energy conservation, emission reduction, and low-carbon environmental protection, the central heating market will certainly be able to get rid of the vicious The predicament of competition will usher in a bright future of healthy, green and high-quality development!


      Today, although the "Urban Central Heating Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum" has ended, it has indeed opened a new chapter for the HVAC industry. The fertile ground for cutting-edge technology in the industry leads the HVAC industry to take active actions to achieve the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" at an early date. "Let air become a necessity for a better life of mankind", NULITE will continue to go all out.