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Three heating forms cost PK, air energy heat pump stands out

by:NULITE     2019-12-09
Heating is a major plan for people's livelihood. China has a vast region and a complex climate. The local conditions and customs in different regions have also formed different heating methods. In general, in addition to the centralized heating under unified control in the northern region, gas-fired boilers, electric floor heating and air-powered heat pump heating are relatively common household heating, many owners have made difficulties in the choice of these three methods in the process of construction. Below, we will make a simple comparison of them in terms of cost. First, gas-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers are equipment that burns natural gas to heat indoors. Their advantages are clean and environment-friendly, and they can also meet the needs of users in heating. However, at present, China's natural gas reserves are not particularly abundant. In many areas, the supply of natural gas often fails to keep up with the demand during the heating season in autumn and winter, resulting in a 'gas shortage' phenomenon. In terms of cost, the thermal efficiency of gas-fired boilers is about 80%, according to the price of natural gas 2. 8 yuan/m? It is calculated that the cost of providing heating for 100 square meters of residential buildings for 3 months is about 6000 yuan. Second, electric floor heating can realize uniform heating of the whole house by laying heating cables under the floor, and the bottom-up heat dissipation form conforms to human energy, which is conducive to health preservation in winter. In terms of cost, the thermal efficiency of electric floor heating is about how much electricity is consumed and how much heat is produced. According to the electricity charge 0. 5 yuan/degree to calculate, for 100 square meters of residential heating for 3 months, the cost is more than 8000 yuan. Three, air energy heat pump as a clean and environmentally friendly new equipment, in the 'coal to electricity' has been widely used, it absorbs a large amount of free heat energy in the air for heating, energy saving and environmental protection, safety High Line is one of the ideal clean heating schemes at present. In terms of cost, take Mitra's Air energy heat pump as an example, its thermal efficiency is above 400%, and one part of electric energy can generate four parts of heat energy, also according to the electricity charge of 0. 5 yuan/degree to calculate, for 100 square meters of residential heating for 3 months, the entire cost is only 1/4 of electric heating, that is, about 2000 yuan. The above three heating methods have their own advantages, but from the cost point of view, air energy heat pump is slightly better. With the characteristics of green and energy saving, the Air energy heat pump has become the new energy equipment promoted by the government, and has continuously helped the victory of the 'blue sky defense War.
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