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The pig farm uses the Nulite heat pump, which saves money and effort and can increase the growth rate of pigs.


With the development of modern agriculture, the animal husbandry heating market has seen an explosive growth trend. In the past, traditional animal husbandry farms mostly used coal/oil/diesel/gas boilers for heating, which was not only dangerous, serious, and energy consuming, but most importantly, the temperature was not well controlled, which affected the overall efficiency of the farm. Therefore, in the past two years, more and more livestock farms have begun to use cleaner, environmentally friendly, safe and energy-saving air energy heat pumps for heating. For example, a few days ago, the pig farm in Yichuan County, Henan Province installed the “Nulite Heat Pump + Floor Heating” pig house to provide heating services.

Air energy heat pump is a kind of equipment that only needs a small amount of electric energy to drive, plus a large amount of free heat in the air, can produce a large amount of heat energy to heat the room. It does not use natural resources such as coal, natural gas, oil, etc., does not burn with an open flame, does not emit toxic and harmful gases, dust, and does not affect or harm the surrounding environment and the health of pigs. The air energy heat pump is equipped with floor heating. The hot air blows out from the ground during heating. The ground is warm and comfortable. Pigs will be more willing to lie on the ground for a long time to rest instead of walking back and forth. This not only protects the pig’s joints, but also tends to grow meat, which speeds up the pig’s growth. The slaughter speed improves the economic efficiency of the pig farm.

As a high-quality product in air energy, Nulite  heat pump not only has the advantages of clean, pollution-free and high safety of traditional air energy heat pump, but also has two very unique advantages:

1. Nulite  heat pump has higher energy-saving performance. Nulite heat pump has built-in Nulite ’s new generation of jet enthalpy technology and DC frequency conversion system, which can not only ensure that the heat pump can still work normally in an environment of -35 degrees, but also can achieve a balance between energy saving and heating , While heating users, save electricity as much as possible for users. According to statistics, under the same conditions, a qualified air-energy heat pump consumes 25% of the energy of an ordinary electric boiler and 50% of a gas-fired boiler, and the energy consumption of the Nulite  heat pump is more than that of the ordinary air-energy heat pump. 30% energy saving.

2. High degree of intelligence. Modern large-scale pig farms have very high requirements for temperature. Not only should the pig house be warm, but also can be provided according to different types of pigs (piglets, breeding pigs, sows, etc.) and status (mating, pregnancy, delivery period, etc.) Different temperature environments meet the different temperature requirements of pig farms for different pig houses. Nulite  heat pump has a built-in microcomputer control program, which is very intelligent. When the user uses it, he only needs to set it up in advance when it is turned on for the first time, and the heat pump will work automatically. The temperature control is accurate and stable, ensuring that the temperature in the pig house is consistent, and without manual monitoring, which can save manpower and management costs. Peace of mind.

In addition, the Nulite  heat pump also has a cooling function. In summer, it can also cool the pig house like an air conditioner, ensuring that the pigs can grow in the most suitable temperature environment throughout the year.