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the penneast pipeline made me do it: why my family and i moved to solar energy

by:NULITE     2019-08-27
New Jersey Blairstown Starview Hill Farm new and old solar panels \"have a forecast that you can already be sure: one day, renewable energy will be the only way for people to meet their energy needs.
Because of physics, ecology and (therefore)
Social restrictions on the use of nuclear energy and fossil energy, eventually no one is able to bypass renewable energy as a solution, even if it is the last remaining option for everyone.
However, the question that leaves everyone hanging is whether we will succeed in making this fundamental change in the energy platform happen as early as possible to avoid irreversible ecological destruction and political and economic disasters in the world.
Herman Hill, 1944-
2010, former member of the German parliament, Chief chairman of the World Renewable Energy photovoltaic Commission, also known as the solar panel \"Drill, baby, drill.
\"Maryland\'s deputy governor, Michael Steele, used it for the first time at 2008 Republican National Convention and later became chairman of the Republican National Committee, expressing support for increased oil and gas drilling.
Becoming Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin\'s slogan during 2008 vice presidential campaign
Presidential Debate
One afternoon in June, I was driving from my home in western New Jersey near the Delaware River, traveling north to Blairstown, overlooking the source of the Delaware River, the Delaware River
I\'m on my way to MIT.
Trained commercial pilots, engineers, astronomers and selftaught solar-
Geothermal expert Alan midkey is one of the first residents of New Jersey to install solar or photovoltaic panels on his farm, Star View Hill.
\"Not only is this to meet the needs of my farm and telescope,\" said Midkiff, who collects data to support specialized astronomical research at MIT and Lehigh;
It also enables telescopes to be observed by local clubs and school groups.
\"And it also increases the ability to sell excess power to power companies.
\"As I walked through the small town of peony on the lawn, I also noticed solar panels coming out of the House, the farm and the fields, leaning towards the sky, like Midkiff installed 20 years ago and my family installed it in February.
For years, we have been talking about installing solar panels in homes in rural New Jersey.
We looked at the benefits of passive solar energy and learned how the system absorbs and converts sunlight into electricity.
But instead of being ready to take this step, we are immersed in the feeling --
While consuming what we used to: fossil fuels, talk about solar energy. Our pie-in-the-solar-
In August 12, 2014, a consortium of six companies, including utility giant Houston, became serious.
Atlanta United gas industry based on spectral energy-
Long Island AGL resource base-
South Jersey Industrial Public Service Enterprise Group (SJI Midstream)
New Jersey Resources pipeline company established a limited liability company to become a PennEast Pipeline Company
And announced that they would build a 36-inch -
3 feet diameter pipeline, transporting fracturing gas from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania through organic farms, Township solar fields, historic neighborhoods, taxes
Open space saved by Payer, wetland, original C-
A creek, traveling 108 miles through the Delaware River, reaches a connector station outside Princeton.
Friends, after the shock, the view of Evans Farm and the proposed pipeline between the pond and the family disappeared, and they spent several years moving from traditional agriculture to organic agriculture, in order to prove that their products found that the pipeline would pass through their farm directly by at least 50 feet of the right of way (ROW)
Or easement to make PennEast long
Time limit for obtaining land.
In one case, the construction plan requires that the pipe be dug onto the land that acts as a spring buffer
Feeding the pond, only a few feet away from the front door of the farm owner.
Residents on both sides of the Delaware River began to organize.
While most of us rely on fossil fuels as the main source of energy, our community is not naive and we know that in New Jersey, the fifth-largest state in the country, there are already 1500 miles of aging pipes underground, pipes to be maintained;
In some cases, dig it out and replace it.
The threat of another pipeline along the rural route is that our community has accepted the benefits of solar, geothermal and wind power, which used to be, and is still an intuition --
Ridiculous Investment in energy infrastructure.
According to Patricia Kornick, a PennEast spokesperson, \"The PennEast pipeline. . .
Designed to meet the growing needs of families and businesses in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.
She added, \"most people appreciate safe, economical, locally produced gas, heating their homes on cold nights, and providing electricity to their homes, they can use their lights, computers and microwave ovens there.
The word \"locally produced\" is particularly disturbing.
What does PennEast mean?
The gas trapped in the Marcellus shale matrix is locally produced, like a bunch of organic asparagus I bought at a nearby farmer\'s market?
According to Kornick and PennEast\'s ideas, like fracking gas, the passive solar energy produced locally on my roof can power the heat pump on the coldest nights and give our phones
If our family has a microwave, the solar energy can also power it.
New Jersey does not need more gas reports commissioned by the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, which was prepared and released in June by Skipping Stone, the country\'s leading energy market consultancy, he said, \"local gas distribution companies in the eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey markets have sufficient capacity to meet the needs of customers during the winter peak.
Analysis shows that there are currently 49.
Capacity increase 9%of natural gas)
Even in the severe winter of 2013, there is no need to be satisfied --2014 (
Polar vortex winter)\".
Tom Gilbert, director of the energy, climate and natural resources movement at the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, added, \"PennEast may raise gas prices.
Instead of reducing them as PennEast claims. . .
Replacing natural gas from existing pipelines, the annual loss of revenue is between $0. 13 billion and $0. 23 billion.
Cost-effective taxpayers may increase further as the Federal Energy Management Board (FERC)
The rule allows existing pipelines to increase customer rates to recover lost revenue.
\"The westmoran County gas explosion is about to happen, and iapiaphoto, Pennsylvania is provided by William Houston, and the pipeline infrastructure is aging across the country, and Gilbert also notes that due to the rush of new buildings, gas pipeline accidents hit record levels, and the public, not the pipeline companies, are usually the first to find leaks and accidents in the pipeline.
A recent study by the National Transportation Safety Board identified weaknesses in inspection plans and federal oversight of pipeline systems.
Of particular concern is the risk of accidents in the lines installed before 1970 due to corrosion.
On May 1, an aging natural gas pipeline exploded in westmoran County, Pennsylvania. A man who burned more than 70% of his body was sent to the intensive care unit. The Road melted, the trees burned, and the car burned, destroying the house and causing waves and heat waves has caused rescue teams to wait a mile from the blast site.
In addition, the explosion caused an increase in carbon dioxide content (CO2)and methane (CO4)
Gas enters the atmosphere.
Between 1994 and 2014, 1,011 major natural gas transmission line accidents occurred in the United States. S.
40 people were killed, 189 injured and $1.
Property losses, according to federal data, are 3 billion.
During this period, 10 incidents occurred in New Jersey, with property losses amounting to $26 million.
Kornick stressed, \"PennEast will continuously monitor the PennEast Pipeline in accordance with all regulations.
In addition to the walking pipe, PennEast will also monitor the pipe 24/7 through its gas control center.
But Gilbert retorted that \"half of the pipe accidents occurred on private property, and 93% of the pipe accidents were caused by\" natural force damage \"beyond the control of the pipe company.
PennEast proposed the construction of the pipeline to lower the level 2 safety standard rather than the more protective level 4 standard in New Jersey.
Because the interstate pipeline is guided by federal rather than state standards, they can get away with it.
If they really value the safety of the New Jersey community, they will adopt higher standards.
\"How Clean is natural gas?
2018 it is expected that land-based emissions, in addition to potential accidents, are not clean sources of energy as advertised.
\"Burning natural gas is cleaner than oil or gasoline, and it emits half of the carbon dioxide it emits, less than oil or gasoline --
Third, nitrogen oxides, 1% more sulfur oxides than coal combustion.
Dickinson is a professor of ecology and environmental biology at Cornell University.
But not all shale gas (
Like Marcellus Shale, the source of PennEast gas)
To the fuel tank or power plant.
Methane leaking during drilling and later when transporting fuel through a pipeline is an important greenhouse gas.
While natural gas companies promote a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions through \"clean, affordable gas. . .
One pound, the effect of methane on climate change is more than 25 times that of carbon dioxide, more than 100-
Methane loss may be as high as 8% during the year.
\"But there is another factor that needs to be considered,\" Howarth said.
\"Fracking is an energy source.
Relying on diesel engines and generators for the intensive business of powering the rig around the clock, as well as heavy trucks that travel hundreds of times to the drilling site before the drilling is completed.
According to the forecast of shale gas production, the trend of increasing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels is expected to continue until 2040.
\"A town in new jesain Kingwood Town, Hunterton County, New Jersey, was converted into solar power, and the PennEast pipeline was proposed to cross the town\'s solar fields
Angrily, the town registered a letter at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission outlining the success of photovoltaic power generation.
\"The current solar power generation in the township of Kingwood provides 197% of the annual energy use in the township,\" they wrote . \". . .
This is not even a residential solar panel. There are many residential solar panels. . .
And (PennEast\'s)land-
The intensive example is that Kingwood\'s existing solar products provide nearly twice as much power as PennEast expects on about 80 acres of land (
During and after construction)
Directly affected 128. 9 acres.
\"With more than a dozen pipes going through the fifth smallest state in the country, we, a lot of people want to know, is it home to beloved Jersey tomatoes and domesticated blueberries? Is it about to lose the reputation of Garden State and become a pipeline state?
Alan midkey, a passionate solar pioneer, is a natural educator who dates back to Virginia --
Farmers during the American Revolution.
\"My father is a director of architecture,\" he said . \"
\"So, while we all work on the farm, my immediate ancestors are not active farmers.
Midkiff said: \"While he has a magnificent garden, my goal is to increase students\' interest in science, mathematics and astronomy, and to raise public awareness of the natural world and Environmental Sciences.
\"Aireal View, Starview hills has two 31-
Midkiff lives with his big family and two soulful rescue Bobcats on acre farm, the state-of-the-
Of course, as one tourist described, the art telescope and his solar panels are like outdoor sculptures.
In 1993, Midkiff and his brother \"thought about our lives --
\"By taking advantage of the resources we have available on the property, there are requirements for the style of heat and electricity,\" he said . \".
\"We have a geothermal system installed, but the pump running the system requires electricity.
He added: \"We have a lot of power outages around our necks.
I\'m already interested in solar, but it took me another five years to find a solar supplier.
In 1998, Midkiff\'s brother found a vendor Penobscot Solar in Maine.
\"It\'s strange,\" said Midkiff . \"
\"I made a phone call locally and no one was willing to do anything.
You don\'t have the infrastructure right now.
So, Penobscot built it for us and shipped everything.
My father and I installed the panel.
As Midkiff voluntarily admitted, \"I am an engineer through training, so I have built my own system.
Panels and settings-
Although the price is too expensive, I still want to take the risk.
We opened the first panel in 1999.
Once everything was up and running, the state was going to implement their rebate plan, so they sent a representative of the power company to see what we did.
The engineers of the power company and the representative of the country are very supportive
They said they had never seen anything like that.
So the system became the prototype they used to create a solar rebate program that started in 2001.
Midkiff has two systems now.
It is sold to the production base of the electric network and the storage base that depends on the battery.
Although New Jersey no longer has a rebate plan for solar installation, it provides a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SRECs)
, Pay market value of 1 SREC to Midkiff and all solar system owners per 1,000 KWhours (kWh)
Electricity generated
The srecc s sold on the srecc tracking system provides homeowners with income from the first 15 years of the system\'s life.
\"I did a good job with the sreccs,\" Midkiff said . \".
According to the investment website \"Motley Fool\", \"with the growth of global energy consumption, renewable energy has a big trend.
In 2014, the net increase in global power capacity was about 58% renewable energy, and the global investment in green energy was $270 billion.
In addition, the solar energy Foundation added, \"New Jersey solar hired 7,200 people in 2014, ranking fifth in the country in terms of solar employment.
\"Not only is PennEast short --
They plan to build a pipeline that is not needed to support the shale gas industry, but also face huge opposition from communities that believe in renewable energy.
In addition, PennEast is under strict scrutiny by regulators, \"Gilbert said.
\"The problems they have had so far suggest that PennEast may be the next pipeline to be closed.
\"When I drove home from Midkiff\'s farm, I thought of it all.
The future is not a pipeline that delivers fracturing gas.
I didn\'t even tell Midkiff that PennEast has made another leap for my family.
At that time, we invested $400,000 with nearly 1,000 drivers to buy the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle.
In the near future, our solar energy system will not only charge our phones, but also our cars. Joy E. Stocke is co-
Founder of online magazine Wild River Review.
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