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the olympic treasures touching the earth lightly

by:NULITE     2019-09-06
The roof stands out, dressed in Western red cedar and supported by wood blinds on the upper terrace, providing natural sun shade.
Geothermal Ground-
The water pump provides heating for the building, the rain water supplies the toilet, and the solar panels heat the dressing room.
The Lee Valley Whitewater Center in brokswbourne is home to the London Olympic canoe slalom, representing the Green agenda of the games.
Almost 40 of its ingredients are recyclable.
Boarding experience for Athenians
The Up venue convinced the organizers of London that they had to avoid this fate because we won the promise of the host country to deliver the greenest game ever, this elegant and efficient building --
A lot of people like it.
The real legacy of 2012 Olympic Games.
What is really important is to reduce the building and make sure that the building stuff touches the earth gently.
This is an obvious case of \"less is more\", most of which are not visible to the public.
News and broadcasters around the world, for example, will reach the media center through a special bridge surrounded by unfinished larch wood screens and stressed ceilings
Leather plywood.
Five new permanent stadiums in Olympic Park
Stadium, water sports center, bicycle Hall and two community sports facilities-
Efficiency is considered in design.
The bike Pavilion is a special showcase for sustainable development and clever architecture.
The under-floor heating of the track keeps the areas of bicycle enthusiasts at carefully controlled temperatures, which is necessary to reduce their time, while the nozzles on the balcony enhance the seating area of the audience
Better yet, the existing venues
From Wimbledon to ExCel Center
Work has already started.
ExCel alone will accommodate five temporary viewing tables and a dozen sporting events.
At another Olympic Games, binding targets were written into the planning agreement.
Success cannot be measured without a goal.
Hopkins construction has surpassed its energy efficiency target of more than 30, and the stadium uses steel from Beijing\'s Bird\'s Nest in less than a quarter.
Not only architecture, but new open spaces will also drive the boundaries of sustainable design.
After the Olympic train runs, east London will be home to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Its 102 hectares of urban open space is only slightly less than Kensington Gardens.
A new approach relies on spreadsheets, which is as important as ecology and aesthetics
No planting plan
Determine the plant species within each square meter of the new park.
Under the guidance of James hitchmogh, professor of horticulture ecology at the University of Sheffield, 85,000 of the land in the northern park is sown instead of planted.
This makes planting more affordable, but the end result is affected by climate change --
Wind, rain and temperature.
\"Sustainable development does not exist in itself,\" Dan Epstein, former head of sustainability at the Olympic delivery agency, recently reiterated at a meeting.
This requires vision, leadership, technical expertise and continuous monitoring.
It is also invisible.
Visitors to the Olympic Park will not be welcomed by wind turbines or photovoltaic arrays.
But the game is not over yet.
Organizing the London Olympic organizing committee to host the Olympic Games is essential to promote the sustainable agenda in the public eyes.
Olympic Park Heritage (
Will soon become the mayor\'s committee)
Responsible for what will happen next will be the ultimate rainmaker in east London.
London 2012 Sustainable design
Hart Hartman\'s transfer game legacy was published this week by John Willie & Sons.
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