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the leadership spill that won\'t go away

by:NULITE     2019-08-18
Morrison\'s government will discuss tax cuts in Parliament when it meets for the first time since next week\'s federal election.
But revelations about liberals in the past and now in recent days will also attract top bills.
Sky News and Australian news were exposed this week. the-
Details of the scene of the painful battle of liberal leaders in last August.
With columnist Niki Savva promoting the plot and prayers of the new book, the revelations spread to the weekend, and Niki Savva is a former consultant to Peter Costello. \"No doubt . . .
\"We will return with the turmoil of the Liberal Party,\" opposition leader Anthony aibois told reporters in Sydney on Saturday . \".
He said Prime Minister Scott Morrison would have questions to answer about his role in overthrowing Malcolm Turnbull.
Aibonian said that Sava MS\'s book indicated that Morrison\'s supporters had deliberately voted for Peter Datton, adding his vote to the first oil spill motion, with the aim of removing Tyne.
Savva MS published an article in Australia on Saturday saying that although many people in the former prime minister were responsible for his death, his anger was more directed at his finance minister, Mathias Cormann.
She said that Mr. Turnbull believed in Senator Coman\'s betrayal, and that during the turmoil in the party, he resigned and supported his close friend, Mr. Dutton, in order to restore a crumbling challenge.
\"Turnbull has accused Coleman of destroying a government that he has played such a constructive role,\" Sava MS said ahead of a new book launch on Monday.
\"What he finds puzzling is that a person who ranks so high and is so highly valued may carry out this destruction.
\"In addition, former Defense Minister Christopher Pyne and Turnbull\'s allies are also likely to play a role in the defense industry with professional service giant EY in the months of their exit from politics.
By the standards of the former minister, it is expected that there should be 18 months to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.
Labor leader Andrew Giles said it is the prime minister\'s responsibility to adhere to the minister\'s standards of conduct and that it is clear --cut breach.
\"We know that Australians are frustrated with our political situation and are often cynical, which seems to be an example of why this is happening,\" Mr Giles told ABC television . \".
The Interior Ministry has hinted at an investigation into Pine\'s new work.
Senior Liberal Senator Eric Abts would also like to see his role fully disclosed to ensure that he did not violate the standards of Parliament.
Central Union senator Rex Patrick said the government should stop awarding contracts to Ernst & Young until 18 months have passed.
But Abts says the crossing is just trying to grab the headlines.
Good luck to him;
Senator Abetz told abc TV: \"He got his headlines, but with these things, it\'s always a mature consideration of the issues involved . \".
\"There is a question here;
I acknowledge and accept this, but I will not work as hard as Senator Patrick did.
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