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The lack of amaranth and amaranth in the palm of your hand

by:NULITE     2019-12-16
Beginning of winter is approaching, which means that the temperature will be lower and lower. Many consumers have begun to purchase heating equipment. Friends around have recommended air-powered heat pump heating equipment. That, why do everyone recommend air heating? What are the advantages of Air energy heat pump hot air fan heating? First of all, let's first understand the air energy heating. It absorbs the low-grade heat in the gas through the external air energy host, and then carries out high-temperature and high-pressure conversion according to the compressor to produce hot water, through the water pump, pipeline network and other transportation systems, integrating radiator, ground heating and other heat dissipation ends to heat the room. At the same time, the temperature of its water can be controlled without worrying about the ambient temperature. * Finally, due to the large specific heat capacity of water and the small change of temperature difference in the heat exchange process, it is impossible to have noise or a large temperature difference, with soft air outlet and extremely high comfort. What are the advantages of Air energy heat pump hot air fan heating? First, compared with ground heating, it can be used for both heating and cooling. It can not only be used as a heat source in winter, but also be used as a cold source in summer. As long as the fan coil is lifted on the original basis, then can use it as a central air conditioning refrigeration application. Second, compared with the central air conditioner, the central air conditioner is suitable for refrigeration. The key to the heating effect is to use electric heating, and the air conditioner is very easy to take away the moisture in the gas, which makes the air very easy to become dry, this is also a shortcoming that air conditioners are difficult to avoid, and it is also the main source of air conditioning diseases. At the same time, the air blowing form selected by the air conditioner cannot completely change the temperature of the indoor environment, which will lead to local supercooling and overheating. However, air can not bring moisture in the gas in the process of refrigeration and heating, which can fully ensure the humidity of the indoor environment, make people feel more comfortable, and change the ambient temperature as a whole, it is impossible to have the problem that the local temperature difference changes too much. Then if it is too large an area, then the effect will be more general. In general, the Air energy heating effect is very good, not only the ambient temperature is suitable, but also the comfort is high. At the same time, it can ensure the humidity of the gas, which is also very good for people's body, especially in the home if there are old people and children, it especially in the indoor environment to take into account the impact on the human body.
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