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The cost is as low as 1.5 cents/catties NULITE's green solution for grain drying


How was grain dried in the past? When I was a child, there was a drying farm in the countryside, where farmers dried their grains and relied on the natural wind to speed up the process by "raising the field".


      Later, coal-fired hot-blast stove drying was started. The traditional coal-fired hot-blast stove-based grain drying technology improves efficiency, but wastes manpower and pollutes the environment. It will also bring secondary pollution to grain. Nor is it guaranteed.

       Now, with grain dryer, drying grain is like this:

      With the encouragement and support of the national grain policy, the grain drying industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The Action Plan for Improving Grain Conservation, Decreased Damage and Healthy Consumption (Trial) clarifies: actively promote the use of new green drying heat source technology, encourage various entities to provide grain drying services for farmers, and improve grain drying capacity. In a drying center in Jiangsu, the person in charge is busy teaching workers to use NULITE's air energy heat pump dryer. "I didn't expect the drying equipment to be so easy to operate. As long as the value is set, the equipment will automatically heat and dry, and the efficiency is much higher than before!"


      The enterprise is a comprehensive agricultural machinery manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. In order to improve quality and efficiency, the heat source of the grain drying tower was transformed, and the NULITE air energy grain drying unit was selected.

Supporting heat pump project for a drying center in Jiangsu

【Construction date】: 2021/10/28-11/8

[Insulation and drying room]: 20 tons of cross flow dryer (equipped with NULITE grain dryer 60P), 30 tons of cross flow dryer (equipped with NULITE grain dryer 100P)

      NULITE air source heat pump>>High drying efficiency, saving a lot of labor

      In the drying center of a group in Hunan, NULITE heat pump drying equipment is working efficiently and orderly, the customer manager said: "After using your drying equipment, there is no need for workers to be on duty 24 hours a day, and the environment is cleaner and tidy. Yes, especially the quality of the dried grains is really good.”


NULITE Grain Dryer

[Project name]: A heat pump project for a dryer in a group in Hunan


[Insulation and drying room]: 20 tons of mixed flow dryer (configured with NULITE grain dryer 60P)

      NULITE air source heat pump>>Drying cost as low as 1.5 cents per kilogram

      NULITE air energy grain drying unit integrates the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and green environmental protection. Compared with traditional coal-fired hot blast stoves, the cost of energy consumption is low, and compared with coal-fired drying, it can save 50% of the cost. No fuel, no open flame, no emissions, safety and environmental protection; accurate temperature and moisture control, and better grain quality.




      Under the premise of the national grain policy and the advantages of heat pump drying, NULITE heat pump drying, as a new type of drying device that saves money, energy saving and high drying quality, has been widely used in various fields of agricultural drying, and has established countless blueprint projects. , the green solution for grain drying, choose NULITE.