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The "Black Technology"Of Coal To Electricity


Be worth to decorate busy season at present, to common people, decorate is a very troublesome thing, once decorate wrong, money can hit water not only bleat, and in the next few years, in more than ten years, probably want to suffer at that time decorate undeserved and cause later trouble.To assure decorate quality and effect, common people has to spend a lot of idea to decorate on.

For instance heating, become more warm, comfortable to indoor, in recent years not only northern dweller begins to install central heating in the home, the dweller of southern many areas, also begin to install central heating in the home.At present, there are at least a lot of heating equipment on the market, useful natural gas, also have electricity, dazzling eyes, see people dazzling, do not know how to choose.People cannot help but ask, after all what kind of heating terminal, had better use, suit a family to use most?Here, the author recommends air energy heat pump for everyone.

So what exactly is an air energy heat pump?What are its advantages?Below, the author to our country air energy leading brand - Nulite New Energy production of intelligent frequency conversion heat pump as an example, to everyone to introduce.

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Air can heat pump is a kind of using small amounts of electricity to drive the compressor work, absorption of low temperature heat in the air, through the condenser and evaporator with a "heat" way, heat the cold water, hot water with the plastic pipe is transferred to the building, finally, floor heating, floor heating machine, fan coil units, such as heating the end, to provide indoor heating equipment.

Compared with traditional heating equipment, the air energy heat pump, which does not use any fuel such as coal or natural gas and does not use the "electricity-heat" conversion mode, has the advantages of safety, environmental protection and energy saving. It is the main equipment of the "coal to electricity" project in north China.

But the A+ heat pump is a kind of air energy heat pump specially developed for the north "coal to electricity" project.As a model developed for the northern market, in consideration of the cold weather in the north, the smart share variable frequency heat pump is internally applied with the latest air jet enthalpy increasing technology of New Energy, which ensures that the heat pump can still produce heat stablly under the condition of -25℃ without electric auxiliary heating, and can meet the heating and hot water demand of most areas in the north.

Considering that frost weather is common in the north of China, A+ inverter heat pump is equipped with the unique anti-frost protection system and automatic defrosting technology of Nulite New Energy.When the outlet water temperature is lower than the set safe value, the system will automatically start the anti-freezing mode to prevent the water system from freezing.The automatic defrosting technology can automatically adjust the defrosting cycle and the beginning and end time of defrosting according to the ambient temperature, coil temperature and heating time.


The strong cold-resistant capability of the smart frequency conversion heat pump not only ensures the efficiency of the heat pump in the low-temperature environment, but also greatly reduces the operating cost of the users.According to a survey conducted by Nulite New Energy in 2016 on 200 households in fangshan who converted from coal to electricity, the average electricity charge of each household is only 2,500 degrees after a winter (about 120 days) with New Energy air energy heat pump.According to the calculation of electricity cost of 0.49 yuan per time in Beijing at that time, the average household only needs more than 1,200 yuan of heating in a winter, which is much cheaper than burning coal.

Although many villagers have reported that heating with an air-energy heat pump is more expensive than burning coal in the past.But according to Nulite New Energy investigation, this is mainly due to the limited amount of coal used in the past and the poor quality of heating, so the villagers are used to saving.With air energy heat pump is different, as long as there is electricity can start running, not out of the house can be a key to the indoor heating, heating quality is high, the price is not expensive, so many villagers have developed a 24 hours a day boot, go out also do not close the habit.

In addition to the smart variable frequency air energy heat pump, which can provide both hot water and heating, Nulite New Energy also has nearly 100 household products (such as smart variable frequency air energy heat pump, which can provide heating and cooling services), which can meet the different needs of all kinds of people.