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temporary solar swimming pool heater

by:NULITE     2019-08-29
Wouldn\'t it be nice if the pool was a little warmer?
Tired or hear the kids complain about how cold the pool is?
Don\'t want to spend a lot of time or money on some DIY solar cell heaters?
This is the instruction for you. . .
I just set up my pool and realized that it would take some time for the pool to warm to a comfortable temperature as the cold water coming out of the tap.
However, I thought I had a black garden hose of 250 feet and a submersible pump, and I might try to use \"as is\" without building anything, just to see if there is pool water going through the hose in the sun would help. IT DID!
For this project you need :-
Black garden hose 250 feet (Or some-you decide)-A pump (
If you want to click on the return of the pool filter, it is optional;
I have a 1/6 HP submersible pump)-Thermometer (optional -
You only feel right when someone laughs at you dragging the hose)-Sunshine!
Obviously you want to choose a location for your temporary solar pool heater, which will get a lot of sunshine and won\'t get in the way of you.
I decided to be on my roof.
This is a good and bad choice.
It\'s good because it\'s out of the way, there\'s a lot of sunshine, and it\'s not good because it\'s on the top of a two-story house.
Also bad because there is a rather large \"head\" on the water because there are two floors above and it can be pushed to the roof.
In fact, my submersible pump is rated 0 gallons per minute (gpm)
20 Feet heads.
So I have my pump in my hand and I have no flow!
The pool filter pump may also face the challenge of lifting water to the roof.
I just started filling up my pool so I ran out of water from the tap, climbed straight up my roof and lined up in the pool to fill it up.
It was all good until the pool was full (
After 10,000 gallons).
Be careful on the roof.
In fact, it is better to use seat belts and ropes tied to the structure.
I wound the hose back and forth on the sunny side of the roof.
I also loop about 3 feet of the hose ring on the top of the roof to \"secure\" the coil so that the weight of the hose does not cause the hose to slide off the roof.
That\'s why I run the loop vertically so the hose doesn\'t roll horizontally from the roof.
After I put everything in, my water temperature increased by 6 degrees F! (74F -> 80F). Yeah! ! !
Well, I know I can only use my roof position before the pool is full because I have to use the pressure of the municipal water supply system to lift the water to the roof.
I put the water pipe on the roof when it was full of water, which was fine until I turned off the tap and the water all flowed into the pool.
The next day, when the tap was turned back on, the length of the hose filled with water was heavier than the balance loop I was empty now, and almost the whole hose slipped down from the roof, into a pile on the ground.
So the second time I tried to find a good location on the lawn in the backyard.
While I have to move the hose to trim the lawn, it\'s not a bad location.
Arranging loops on the grass is certainly much easier and safer than on the roof.
The Lawn location also allows me to use my 1/6hp submersible pump as only 5 feet lift back to the pool.
Arrange the garden hose again.
This time on the lawn.
Connect the submersible pump, drown it and ignite it!
When laying the hose on the lawn, I have 2 gallons of flow per minute (2 gpm)
The water temperature rose seven degrees Fahrenheit. (78 ->85F)
Enjoy your warm pool!
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