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by:NULITE     2019-08-18
Tecogen Inc.
Was established in October 15, 2000 to design, manufacture, sell and maintain cogeneration products, including cogeneration products (CHP)
Air conditioning systems and water heaters for residential, commercial, recreational and industrial use.
The company is engaged in the manufacturing and support business of CHP products based on natural gas engines.
The company produces more than three cogeneration products, such as cogeneration devices that provide electricity and hot water, including InVerde 100, InVerde e, CM-75 and CM-60;
Chillers that provide air
Air conditioning and hot water provided with tetecill brand and Ilios brand water heater.
The company\'s commercial product range includes InVerde, InVerde e and TECOGEN cogeneration units;
Unit teensill; Ilios high-
High efficiency water heater and Ultima emission control technology.
The company\'s customers include hospitals and nursing homes, colleges and universities, health clubs and spas, hotels and motels, office and retail buildings, food and beverage processors, and more
Unit residence, laundry, ice rink, swimming pool, factory, municipal buildings and military facilities. It has factory-
There are service centers in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and New York.
Its cogeneration system and chillers use the TecoDrive 7400 engine.
The British weed cogeneration unit is a 100 KW cogeneration system that provides electricity and hot water.
The company\'s micro-grid technology enables its InVerde CHP products to provide backup power in the event of a local, regional or state grid outage.
InVerde integrates an inverter that converts DC current (DC)
Electricity to AC (AC).
The inverter converts the variable output of the generator to a constant output
Frequency Power requested by customer.
Black from inverd
The Start function meets the needs of commercial and institutional customers who are concerned about power outages and power limits, natural disasters, security threats and old utility infrastructure.
Multiple inverter units operate together as separate micro-grids, which are a set of interconnected loads served by one or more power supplies.
InVerde is equipped with software that allows a set of units to share the micro-grid load.
Its InVerde installation uses more than 10 units, about 1 unit.
2 megawatts of electricity
On-site power supply and more than 8.
5 million hot units per hour.
TECOGEN cogeneration unit TECOGEN cogeneration system has a size of more than 60 KW, about 75 KW, and a hot water output of more than 500,000 British thermal units per hour.
The technology is based on a singleSpeed generator.
The TECOGEN cogeneration system is used for power grid
Connection operation.
Teeliill ChillersThe teeliill natural gas engine
The capacity of the drive chiller ranges from 25 tons to 400 tons, and the smaller unit air-
Cooling and larger water-cooled.
The engine drives the compressor to make chilled water, and at the same time can recover the free waste heat of the engine to meet the building\'s demand for hot water or heat. Ilios High-
The heater product of high efficiency water heater company uses natural gas engine as electric heat pump. The Ilios high-
The efficient water heater uses a heat pump that captures warmth from the outdoor air even if it is moderately cool outside.
In the Ilios water heater, the heat pump transfers heat from the outside to the hot water in the customer building.
Heat pump water heaters are used as boilers to produce hot water for drinking and washing or space heating, swimming pools or other building loads. Ultera Low-
Emissions technology company\'s CHP products can be used with ultollow-
Emission technology as a device solution. The Ultera low-
Emission technology enables its CHP system to comply with air quality regulations.
The company competes with Ingersoll Rand\'s vertex turbine company.
Rand, Johnson Control Company
Altodain, the Yanma and the tedom.
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