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Take you to my heart-NEW ENERGY Air Source Heat Pump

Take you to my heart-NEW ENERGY Air Source Heat Pump



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      Guangdong New Energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, production, sales and service of new energy products such as air source water heaters, heating heat pumps and commercial heat pumps.New Energy is a leading benchmark in the field of air source heat pump industry.

      New Energy Group owns the first state-level enterprise academician expert workstation in the air source industry. It owns three production bases of Guangzhou Huadu, Heyuan Longchuan and Guangzhou Zengcheng, with a production capacity of more than 2 million sets. It has two research institutes, China Heat Pump Research Center and China Heat Pump Training College, which have become the largest innovation experiment incubation center for the new energy industry in Asia. 

      New Energy has the most comprehensive air source heat pump product line in the industry.Among them, the household products cover 25 series, more than 100-type products such as split type, all in one type, wall-mounted type, heat storage type, dc inverter type and house heating type.Commercial products include direct heating type, ultra-low temperature type, hot and cold full-effect type, swimming pool type, high temperature drying type, etc., covering all types of models.The product has fully realized intelligent technology configuration, cloud thermonuclear technology, 3X max fast heating technology, vacuum heat removal technology, ultra-low temperature EVI technology,multi-biliary multiple heat transfer technology, phase change heat storage technology, microchannel heat transfer technology,DC inverter technology, remote WIFI intelligent control, Smart interactive experience technology, etc.

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      For more than 10 years, the company has always pursued the "people-oriented" operation philosophy and strictly implements the 7S management, ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Quality Standards natioal, trade standards to ensure zero defects and zero complaints. Since its establishment, it has been persistent and has become the leading brand in the air source industry. It is full of honors and has won various awards, such as “Internationally Renowned Brand”, “China Recognized Famous Brand Enterprises”,“China top 10 brand in air source heat pump industry”, “Outstanding Contribution Unit of Clean Energy for coal-to-electricity” and so on. The company has won the honor of leading brand in the industry for five consecutive years. Guangdong New Energy Heat Pump Factory is also the main drafting unit of air source industry standards.

      NEW ENERGY known for its technological innovation, successfully passed the rigorous review of the Polar Survey Office of the National Oceanic Administration.NEW ENERGY became the official partner of the China North-South Arctic Study. New Energy air source water heater, heating pump and commercial heat pump became "Special Products of China Antarctic Expedition Team" at Antarctic, the coldest in the world. At the same time,NEW ENERGY and Asia's top sports events, the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games Organizing Committee successfully signed a contract, became the official partner of the 18th Asian Games. The NEW ENERGY heat pumps are fully applied to the Asian Games venues, Asian Sports Village and other hot water supporting facilities.


      Through years of thick accumulation, in the field of air source heat pump heating, New Energy has become the main force of the “coal to electricity” heat pump heating in the north,winning consecutive bids for nearly 100 places including Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi. The government's “coal to electricity” clean heating project provides comfortable and energy-saving air heating for nearly one million families in the north; in the real estate collection and mining project,New Energy has become a strategic supplier such as Sunac Real Estate  , Evergrande Real Estate and Country Garden. In the field of high-temperature heat pump drying, New Energy has opened up a new world for drying applications such as agricultural and sideline products, and the market is excellent. In the field of commercial heat pump applications, New Energy has systemic integration advantages such as high energy efficiency,high stability and efficient service which occupied half of the commercial market!

      Since its establishment, New Energy has always been committed to the development of a new energy heat pump industry, with the goal of serving hundreds of millions of families around the world, and providing a powerful engine for the sustainable development of the human economy. The development of New Energy has been supported by governments at all levels, as well as the extensive attention and cooperation of international research institutions, playing a pivotal role in the international arena of disciplines and industries.

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      New Energys unwavering belief is prompt air energy become a necessity for human life and realizing a green Chinese dream.