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take advantage of arctic cold weather heat pumps

by:NULITE     2019-09-17
There are several important reasons for installing a cold weather heat pump in your home, especially if you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
They are easy to install and operate in any home.
The most important reason to install this heat pump is that your electricity bill saves a lot.
The Arctic series of cold climate heat pumps has brought about a revolution in heat pump technology, which is still unparalleled in terms of performance and cost.
These systems are designed to be the most effective cold-climate heat pump on the market at half the price of conventional geothermal heat pumps.
The Wilo pump, Mitsubishi evi dc variable frequency compressor, European Sanhua valve and Chico digital control system are equipped with Arctic heat pump-
All of these are installed in a complete rain-proof enclosure.
Energy saving-
Through evi dc inverter compressor, Brushless DC fan motor and PFC control program;
The heat pump can adjust its power output accurately.
The system does not need to start the capacitor.
It can start, stop and adjust its speed level to perfectly adapt to various situations.
Compared with other heat source heat pumps, the operating cost of heat pumps in cold weather can be reduced by 30%.
Temperature control-
The heat pump can automatically change the working frequency of the compressor and is most suitable for heating or cooling requirements.
When the system reaches the preferred temperature, the device starts to operate at a lower frequency, which makes the temperature control more precise.
Heating or cooling time-
If there is a large difference between the actual temperature and the programming temperature, the cold weather heat pump can operate at a higher frequency to quickly increase or minimize the temperature and ensure increased comfort.
Traditional defrost-
Cold climate heat pumps using traditional defrost use start-up time and start-up temperature.
Once the ambient temperature reaches or drops-
7 ℃, the unit began to defrost.
It causes a waste of energy because it will thaw regardless of whether the system needs it or not.
Intelligent defrost-
The Arctic series heat pump adopts intelligent defrost and pressure sliding technology to determine the exact defrost time and starting pressure required according to the actual ambient temperature.
It can save you energy and make the heat pump work more efficiently.
No Frost at the bottom-
By using special liquid distribution technology in heating mode, the refrigerant temperature in the copper tube at the bottom of the air exchanger will never decrease.
This ensures that there is no frost in the lower part and the drainage is smooth.
Intelligent controllerThe self-
The developed wire collector uses an LCD touch screen that can be installed on the wall of the home.
It provides you with a good way to control the heat pump and is the first choice for RS485 communication.
Core components-
Use the Arctic cold weather heat pump at the top-
Rated components within the industry.
The main fact, however, is that none of the components in the system are proprietary.
This allows any HVAC or AC technician to serve your system.
Most wholesalers can buy all the replacement parts needed for maintenance on the shelves.
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