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swimming pool heat pumps and supplies

by:NULITE     2019-08-31
However, some manufacturers have introduced advanced technology of energy conservation and environmental protection.
Friendly features, which from an operational point of view is very beneficial to the pool owners.
Axen pool heat pump is one of the most economical systems for heating the pool efficiency.
Using free renewable energy from the air and the Earth, it provides five times more energy when heating than in conventional heating systems such as gas boilers or electric heaters.
Therefore, you can save 4 to 5 times the cost of traditional heating systems.
The unit operates at a low cost and has no direct CO2 emissions and can be integrated with energy systems such as solar energy and boiler supply.
Axen pool heat pump extends your swimming season and makes you feel comfortable at a high level.
Not only can you enjoy the swimming pool in the summer, but you can also enjoy the swimming pool in the spring, autumn and even winter.
By taking advantage of renewable energy in the outside air, it consumes much less energy in the case of low carbon emissions.
Use of an eco-friendly advanced refrigerant R410a that has no effect on ozone.
Safety and Environmental Protection. friendly.
Its advanced engineering methods are similar to any model that contains the same standards.
Now popular in the market, it is distributed by several warehouses around the United States.
The advanced titanium heat exchanger guarantees the long life of heat pump without corrosion and rust.
Available cooling and heating features Axen heat pump can heat your pool and cool the pool automatically by automatic operation, automatic restart and automatic coolingdefrost.
It is equipped with a switch timer.
Human attention does not need to be shut down.
It has a wide range of working conditions in the environment :-
C to 43 degrees.
In order to ensure the stable operation of the unit and improve the durability of the unit, a variety of protection devices are set up in the Axen pool heat pump, including:
Insufficient water flow protection, high/low voltage protection, overload protection, compressor protection.
The Axen pool heat pump works without oil, natural gas or other hazardous substances, avoiding the potential risks that follow.
Also, no gas connection or fuel tank is required.
Therefore, there is no risk of poisoning, smell or contamination for any leakage.
This is an advanced and innovative solution for traditional heating systems.
The Axen pool heat pump is easy to install with simple electrical and hydraulic connections.
Installation costs are relatively low.
When a fault occurs, the Axen pool pump will perform a self-diagnostic analysis by displaying the error code in the control panel.
This problem can be found at a glance.
This is another innovative feature of the heat pump system.
Axen heat pump is perfect for swimming pools from 15 to 350 m³.
The models on the market today are:
15kw, 17kw, 21kw, 24kw, 26kw and 28kw.
By talking to experts in each store that distributes these models, experts can guide you on what models are suitable for your backyard pool.
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