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Suitable for heating and cooling, NULITE heat pump keeps the greenhouse flowers open all year round


In recent years, due to better economic benefits, greenhouse flower planting has become a way of getting rich in the eyes of many people. But it is not a simple matter to plant and cultivate good flowers. The greenhouse is a confined space, and the temperature, humidity, and soil in the shed must be controlled by the growers in order to be suitable. Therefore, growers must strictly follow a scientific plan to regularly irrigate the greenhouse, windproof, heat preservation, and cool down to prevent the flowers from getting sick or dying. This is a very hard work. However, in recent years, with the development and launch of a large number of high-tech products, the difficulty of flower planting has also decreased. For example, in the winter, growers had to think of various methods, such as multi-layer film insulation, electric light supplementary heating, coal-fired stoves, hot blast stoves, etc., to heat up and keep the greenhouses warm. Although these methods have achieved certain results, they also have many shortcomings and shortcomings, such as uneven heating temperature, environmental pollution, poor safety, and the need for 24 hours of manned duty.


But now it’s different. Take Shanxi Xindadi Flower Base in Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province as an example. After installing the NULITE heating and cooling heat pump, growers only need to set various values on the heat pump in advance. It will work automatically. Under the condition of no one monitoring, according to the temperature and humidity in the shed, a series of work such as heating and heat preservation can be carried out. Whether in winter or summer, 28 greenhouses and 2 even greenhouses in the base can be guaranteed ( The flowers in the heating area of 240 million square meters are in the most suitable temperature and humidity environment for growth, which saves worry and trouble, and saves the labor cost and management cost of the growers hiring workers.
It is understood that NULITE air energy heating and cooling heat pump is an air energy product produced by NULITE, a well-known brand of air energy in my country. The unit only needs a small amount of electricity when working, and does not require coal, oil, gas and other fuels; there is no open flame burning, which will not cause fire, explosion and other fire accidents; no exhaust gas, waste residue, dust, etc. will cause harm to the atmospheric environment and human health Pollutant discharge meets the country’s requirements for clean and environmental protection.
At the same time, as a high-quality product in air energy, the energy efficiency ratio of NULITE air energy heating and cooling heat pumps is as high as 4.0. Under the same conditions, the energy consumption is only 25% of the electric heater and 50% of the gas boiler, which is about the same as the cost of burning coal, which meets the national requirements for energy saving and emission reduction.20210423173840162731With excellent product performance, there are currently more than a thousand greenhouses for flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc. all over my country, using NNULITE heating and cooling heat pumps to provide cooling and heating, which has made an important contribution to the modernization of my country’s agriculture. With the rise of the national concept of “carbon neutrality”, as a low-carbon, environmentally friendly renewable energy equipment, NULITE air energy heating and cooling heat pumps will contribute more to the national environmental protection cause while also pioneering the development of the industry A bigger market.