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Strong spicy flavor and bright color, choose NULITE for chili drying


Dried chili, as a seasoning, is commonly found in Sichuan and Hunan cuisines. It is the darling of the seasoning market and one of the indispensable condiments on the table of many families. Choose NULITE for chili drying, with bright color, strong spicy flavor, high quality and low energy consumption, helping vegetable farmers to efficiently generate income! Video No. There are two traditional methods for drying peppers, one is flat and sun-dried, and the other is manually tied one by one, and then hung for a long time. With these two conventional drying methods, the quality of pepper cannot be guaranteed, the labor intensity is high, and the processing volume is small. In addition, pepper is a food product and requires stricter pollution problems.

       In recent years, drying technology has been gradually promoted, and more and more planting and processing industries use heat pump dryers that use air energy as the drying medium to dry peppers. In order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality, NULITE launched a heat pump chilli dryer to dry chilli.

         Many farmers choose NULITE  dryers to take a look at the use of this pepper grower.

  [Equipment model]: NULITE air source chili drying equipment

[Drying weight]: 2500 kg

news-Strong spicy flavor and bright color, choose NULITE for chili drying-NULITE-img

news-NULITE-Strong spicy flavor and bright color, choose NULITE for chili drying-img

      In terms of drying quality, the peppers dried by NULITE  heat pump are precisely controlled because of the precise control of the drying temperature, drying time and the drying process, so it can ensure that the peppers are bright in color, strong in spicy flavor, and high in quality. The market expects the quality of peppers.

        In the after-sales service, NULITE professional technicians provide the best solution for agricultural products drying needs. From equipment installation to commissioning and operation, from feeding to drying finished products, the whole process is monitored and serviced. Seeing the high-quality dried chili, the user kept admiring: "With such a good drying quality, the income is guaranteed!"


      NULITE masters the core technology of heat pump adopts advanced drying technology, modular unit design, and provides different solutions for different drying environments. Its advantages include high drying efficiency, good quality, low energy consumption, and intelligent operation.

1. More energy-saving and power-saving, low cost


      The NULITE heat pump dryer adopts advanced drying technology, which can automatically adjust the drying time, effectively improve drying efficiency and save energy; the operating cost is only 30% of the electric heating dryer, 40% of the fuel dryer, and coal-fired 60% of the dryer, and does not need to consume any materials, and the operating cost is low.

2. Good drying quality and high yield

      The NULITE  heat pump dryer can accurately control the drying temperature and drying time, and intelligently monitor the drying process to ensure that the dried materials are bright in color, strong in taste and good in quality. Its stability is very high, it can ensure the consistency of the quality of the dried materials from each batch, and effectively improve the income level of farmers.