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spring tours of ‘green’ technology in homes out west

by:NULITE     2019-08-19
Five or ten years ago, the purpose of a house tour in an upscale suburb like Concord was amazing, but this spring\'s 7-
Family tours provided by Concord Women\'s voter union-
Carlisle has different themes.
Fund April 6
\"What\'s New ! \"
It focuses on innovation in energy efficiency, \"green\" buildings and accessibility issues related to house design.
The picture shows the appearance of a family\'s multi-season porch, a tour from the historic Newton House of the past.
One of the houses the participants will visit is the houses of Brian and Pam Fuz.
After realizing the purchase and operating costs of their large new home, the couple began to think about how to build an energy source-Efficient House.
The picture shows Brian Forz who has some interesting innovations like email in front of his house
Monitors that track energy flows, heat recovery systems, and a lot of rain water retention.
Foulds monitors household electricity through his computer.
There is a rare difference between his home and the Platinum certification of the US Green Building Commission (
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
Family Project, which promotes buildings that meet the strict requirements of energy efficiency, resource efficiency and health promotion for household occupants.
The family room has a fake fireplace because there is too much heat escaping from the chimney.
The Mantel was also recycled.
The windowsill is particularly wide due to additional insulation on the exterior walls. Other energy-
Fou\'home\'s savings include a heat recovery system that increases the water temperature into the house by 10 degrees before the water reaches the water heater, and there is a lot of rain in the yard, instead of running to the nearby Concord River.
One of the features of his home is the monitoring system, which shows how the house uses electricity in any one month, whether it is an air conditioner or a sewage pump.
Each of the seven homes in Concord
Carlisle tour will provide its energy information
Saving choice, green construction and barrier-free innovation.
Some of the features are a priority in the environmental aspects of landscaping, and there are no non-native plant species on the property.
The annual Newton House tour sponsored by historic Newton showcases the city\'s diverse architectural design and historical property.
This year\'s tour is scheduled to arrive at 5 Noon on May 19. m.
Tickets are available on April 1.
For more information, please call 617-796-1450.
Annual tour of Mount Tower Botanical Garden-boilston
Urban Space, rural
It took place from June 23 to 10. m. to 4 p. m.
For more information, please call 508-869-6111 or go to .
The annual garden tour of Concord Museum features a variety of interesting design and landscape design methods.
This year\'s event is scheduled for May 31 and June 1.
For more information, please visit or call 978-369-9763.
The Secret Garden Tour in Dover is a fund featuring a private courtyard in the town
Questioner of friends from Dover town library.
It will be implemented on June 2. m. to 4 p. m.
Tickets for sale on May 1.
For information, please call 508-785-8113 or go to .
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