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Split DC inverter air to water heating&cooling&hot water 3 in one heat pump

Split DC inverter air to water heating&cooling&hot water 3 in one heat pump

Compressor Brand
Mitsubishi dual rotation type
Place of Origin
Guangdong of China
Rated heating capicity
Rated cooling capicity
Max input power
Outdoor unit weight
Indoor unit size
Delivery Time
25-30 working days working days after payment
Payment Terms
CE ISO9001
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NULITE NEW ENERGY Minus 25C  20KW  High COP DC Inverter All In One Air to Water Heat Pump.

1 ASHP Heating Capacity: DC Inverter All In One  20KW .

2 Best Selling Market:  Central Europe North & East Europe, North Europe, North America.

3 Ambient Temp of Using:  Minus 25C, highest 55-60C hot Water Output.

4 ertification: ISO9001, CE, erP Energy Label, ROHS, EMC.

5 Japan *Mitsubishi" Twin Rotor Compressor for DC Inverter Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump.

Heat pump type

DC Inverter Type All In One Heat Pump Air to Water Heating Cooling 20KW.

ManufacturerNulite NEW ENERGY Group.

Factory scale

With in total 3 factory in China, 400,000 sq meters. 500,000 units producing ability, 100,000 units sold in 2018.
Function of heat pumpRadiator, FCU, Floor Heating Cooling & Hot Water.
MOQ10-20 Units(1-2 Sample available with stocks
EfficiencyCOP 3.5-4.9 at Ambient 7C-25C

Suitable market

Minus 25C stable Working Central, North & East Market, North America

Suitable heat space

Type of heat pumpHeating space
Split DC inverter air to water heating&cooling&hot water 3 in one heat pump 20kw150-200m2NE-C5BF

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NULITE-Professional Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Price Manufacture-2

NULITE-Professional Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Price Manufacture-3


Model (DC Inverter) 380VNE-C5BF
Rated heating capacity (KW)KW4.5~20
Rated hot water capacity (KW)KW4.0~19.4
Rated cooling capacity (KW)KW4.5~11
Heating power consumptionKW2~5.7
Hot water power consumptionKW2~5.7
Cooling power consumptionKW2~5.7
Voltage  (V)V/Hz380V~Inverter~3PH
Rated output  water temperature °CHot water 55℃ / Heating 45℃ / Cooling 12℃
Rated water flow m³/h3.6
Rated of waterproof/IPX4
Control mode/Microcomputer central processor (linear control)
CompressorForm/Double-rotor type
Outdoor unitNet sizemm940x370x1350
Nosie leveldB(A) ≤55
FanForm/Brushless DC Inverter motor
PowerW50 x 2
Indoor unitAuxiliary ElementKW3
Build-in water pump/Wilo RS25/8
Expansion tank L5
Net sizemm550x360x690
Ambient temperature°C(-25℃ --  43℃)
Inlet / Outlet pipe diameter/DN25
Package sizemm1080*488*2128
Loading quantity of 20GPPCS24
Loading quantity of 40HQPCS48

 Heat pump factory

Nulite NEW Energy (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd, the biggest manufacturer in China, famous for high quality and efficiency domestic heat pump water heater, inverter space heating pump, swimming pool heat pump, commercial heat pump for heating&cooling& hot water. there are three manufacuring bases of NEW ENERGY in China, covering 2 million set heat pump every year.

Our main base in Guangdong zhengcheng, Longchuan, huadu China

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Concentrate on Advanced Heat Pump Technology

NULITE-Professional Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Price Manufacture-71.COP up to 4.4 30C/35C working condition
The application of EVI technology together with high efficiency heat exchanger can improve the heat exchanging rate and make the COP up to 4.4

2.Ambient Temp -25C Show perfect performanceNULITE-Professional Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Price Manufacture-8NE EVI Series Heat Pumps get perfect performance at ambient temperature -25C to ensure stable running all year round.

NULITE-Professional Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Price Manufacture-93.Highest outlet water temp. Due to outlet water up to 60C, the unit can replace the traditional boilers which are applied to the house heating and domestic hot water.

NULITE-Professional Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Price Manufacture-104.Intensive ProtectionsIntensive protections have been added to NULITE NEW ENERGY EVI Air to Water Heat Pump in order to make the units run safely.Protections for high discharging temperature, high vacuum degrees excess current and large temperature difference are reinforced in NE EVI Heat Pump.






Packing and delivery

NULITE-Professional Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Price Manufacture-11

Our customer in Europe

Each year, NULITE NEW ENERGY will invite our outstanding distributor to our annual party, let them enjoy the achievement with us.

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1.What is your advantages,comparing with other water heaters?

Avoiding electric water heater leakage, dry, high power consumption.

Avoiding the drawbacks of gas water heater,such as producing harmful gases,Fits and starts etc.

Energy efficient, safety and environmental protection, all-weather operation,easy to use.

2.What is the function of our inverter heat pump?

1)Domestic hot water all year round

2)Space heating in winter

3)Space cooling in summer

3.What is the supply conditions of our product?

Heating test conditions : Ambient temp.7°C/6°C,Water temp.40°C/45°C

Refrigeration test conditions :Ambient temp.35°C,Water temp.12°C/7°C

Hot water test conditions : Ambienttemp.7°C/6°C,Water temp.9°C/55°C

4.How many years'guarantee?

5 years for whole units, 2 years for compressor.

5.What is the package?

Strong wood box plus carton box


For the most suitable Heating Cooling, Hot Water Solution!




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