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something old and new

by:NULITE     2019-08-23
Skibbereen, terrace of Tommy Barker No 57 St Facthna, wrote that the Skibbereen townhouse was fully renovated and expanded and the materials were used very well with a traditional look (left)
In the front, but more modern in the back and inside. OLD —
Or at least traditional. looking -
At the front, the new and very modern part of the box extension is comfortable in the middlethat’s the run-
Pass the terrace home of this St. Fachtna in Skibbereen, Secco.
It\'s basically a middle.
The 57 Fachtna terrace townhouse has just been fully renovated and expanded, concisefinished add-
On the back, wearing fiber on the outside-
More common cement slabs in commercial offices and buildings. googletag. {});
This house was bought a few years ago.
The Er up project was run by a local town professional who used the services of architect Conor Kinsella and builder Dan Hodnett, who did not spend a penny on finishes and materials.
With reliable design input, it has gone from two basicbed to a three-
Bed upstairs, front. to-
Open space on the ground with a total of nearly 1,300 square feet of quality living space.
Agent Pat Maguire directed Route 57 for 189,000 euros and said the other two --
The bed on the terrace in its original condition costs about 100,000 euros and needs everything.
This is a place to walk.
At work, a few minutes walk from Skib central, St Fahtna profile is now very well owned --
Mr. Maguire said.
As a reward for the convenient location, the view from the back to the West is very open, facing the hills of Luff Hahn. googletag. {}); With its eco-
The completed highly insulated house has a B2 energy rating (
Almost unheard of for families of this period)
, There is a solid fuel stove in the front living room, and there is an electric heat pump for under-floor heating elsewhere, plus a pressurized water system.
The main bathroom on the first floor is the hotel-
Suite standard with pumping steam
Jet shower and whistle;
It even has some remote control for functions (
But what\'s the use of shampoo in your eyes? )
There\'s a picture window in the walnut-
Floor-to-balcony rear master bedroom with two bedrooms (
Not particularly big)
Stira can enter a loft covered by the floor.
Back to the ground, there is a shower bathroom, utility, kitchen with rocking bed style unit.
The look at the back is in complete visual contrast to the front, in the front, faith is maintained through the fresh harling dash to the original 1930 s, the timber front door embedded in the compact porch is a moss-green \"legacy\" color, along which the four windows are small and old bungalow style.
Auctioneer Pat Maguire, who has just started showing the 57 th, says it\'s a great home for singles or couples.
He described it as in the order of the exhibition hall.
Even though furniture and some fixtures run counter to contemporary style.
Conclusion: the expansion and upgrade of the 57 th can be raised when the company is the most fashionable. try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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