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solar pump: 59 farmers get solar push from government for better land irrigation | nashik news - times of india

by:NULITE     2019-09-19
NASHIK: farmers of Peth, Surgana and Trimbakeshwar do not rely on Maharashtra Distribution Co. , Ltd (MSEDCL)
Thanks to the government\'s new solar water pump.
About 59 farmers in the Nashik region have received solar farm water pumps for irrigation.
After the government raised the land cap held by farmers from 5 acres to 10 acres, the dream became a reality.
\"The goal of the plan is for people who have water but are not able to use it due to lack of power supply.
These farmers will now be able to irrigate their land and farm for a better future, \"said the chief engineer at MSEDCL, the district of Dipak Kuma kanachi.
According to the state government\'s plan to provide solar water pumps to farmers unable to reach MSEDCL, it is technically impossible to build infrastructure in certain areas.
\"Now, the 59 farmers will be able to irrigate their land in its entirety --
\"All year round, as long as there is water,\" said an MSEDCL official . \".
The government has decided to provide a total of 130 solar water pumps for 2016 people. 17.
A total of 230 farmers applied for the program, of which 130 beneficiaries were selected by the District Closing Committee.
Of these beneficiaries, 79 were finalized and were required to pay the dues for their share.
\"We received shares from 59 beneficiaries and processed their application accordingly.
\"These pumps were installed on their farm at the right time-mainly after February,\" the official said . \".
Demand for power pumps, so the beneficiaries seek 43 such pumps.
\"The Pumps pump is more robust and efficient due to its needs.
\"Although they cost a little more than ordinary pumps, the result is huge,\" the official said . \".
Farmers wishing to apply for the scheme should meet the criteria for owning up to 10 acres of land, there is no power connection within the 500 m range, and once benefited, farmers will never be able to apply for power connection from MSEDCL.
The plan is different from the scheme of new energy and Renewal Energy Department subsidies promoted by the national rural development bank, which has nothing to do with MSEDCL.
\"This is a project driven by the state government,\" the official added . \".
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