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solar energy at the white house: a feasible future?

by:NULITE     2019-08-26
By the end of this year, the White House may heat water with the sun.
President Carter, who commissioned solar energy at the beginning of his term-
The intense inauguration has continued to call on the American people to make major energy efforts to straighten out their homes.
He has asked the Energy Research and Development Authority to study all methods of using solar energy at the White House.
ERDA feasibility study of solar energy
It is understood that the dynamic White House has been going on for less than a month.
The study is expected to be completed within 30 days.
While looking up at the sky, the White House, like many homeowners, is more conservative in adding insulation to the roof.
Second study on other energy sources
The White House is responsible for saving technology.
Both projects are in coordination with White House Chief Usher Rex skerten, who is actually the manager of the building.
Scouten said he \"believes we will have solar systems in the White House soon.
\"The solar energy in the White House is technically feasible, economically promising, and building possible,\" said Ronald Scott, assistant director in charge of ERDA solar heating and cooling,
\"Of course, we can\'t get any visual contamination from collectors.
Solar energy must compete with fossil fuels.
It must run normally.
But there is no real problem with these.
\"Heating the White House water with solar energy is certainly the easiest and most cost-effective.
Solar air conditioning will be the most difficult part of the plan, but we are also considering that.
Scott pointed out: \"There is a lot to be done in the White House as a candidate for solar energy.
\"This is a great radiator (
A natural collector and memory).
Huge of stone building is too great.
If you let it rebuild, you won\'t have any different positioning for it at all.
The White House is arranged on the east-west axis, with long walls facing south and north, which is the main suggestion to collect so-called \"passive (non-mechanical)solar energy.
All public rooms have large windows in the south, three smaller living rooms-
Rooms in red, green and blue
Only South window.
Compared to other windows, the south window gets a lot more energy from the sun. (
They get too much for some purpose.
A few years ago, the White House installed Solarex on the east, west and south windows of the entire house, a thin and colorless plastic film for cutting the super
The purple light of the fabric is destroyed. )
According to Scouten, there is quite a bit of flat roof space in the White House where solar collectors can be installed.
\"Although they had to leave our room to get to the flagpole and climb the flag,\" he said . \".
With the technology now, it may not be possible for the White House to get all the energy from the sun.
The current proposal requires that the solar collector\'s square feet be half the square feet of the House, 375-
Strange rooms mean a lot of collectors.
It is said that the daily consumption of hot water is about 550 gallons, within the capacity of collectors.
The usual advice today is to provide solar collectors for each family member.
So far, no one has made any firm estimates of all these costs.
A family of six or seven people needs about six solar collectors.
Intertechnology/Solar Corp. Installed a kit with six collectors and a highly insulated hot water tank at a cost of about 2,5000
Warren, a bigger solar company.
Norris Beard, marketing manager at Intertechnology, said the system, which replaces electric hot water systems, is expected to pay for itself in about six years.
When Gerald Ford first dug the pool, Intertechnology suggested heating the White House outdoor pool with a solar system, but for some reason no one has explained that the project has not moved forward.
Ford uses electric heaters to swim almost every day.
According to Scouten, Carters does not heat the pool at all and only swim when the weather is good.
\"We used a device called a \'solar blanket, \'a pool cover that looks very much like a foam packaging material,\" Scouten said . \" \"It does collect and maintain a certain amount of heat.
Meanwhile, the top floor of the White House is being re-sealed to replace the cork --
Just like the solid material that Owens put into during the 1952 renovation
Corning las 703
Scouten said the rig plate with foil reinforcement process paper cover.
\"We started in January and when the family was out of town, we were doing a little bit as much as we could.
All the hammering is loud.
\"There is no way to install insulation on walls other than to build new walls inside or outside, Chief usher said.
\"The side wall is the sandstone outside, with Batten laid directly on it and half an inch of plaster applied to it.
Scouten said: \"The storm windows or insulated windows of the White House have not yet been considered feasible.
\"Glass is blown by hand.
It has to be before 1930 seconds, maybe as early as 1900 seconds.
Like it was made in the 1850 s.
It\'s really beautiful.
\"The Octagonal is a historic home near the American Institute of Architects, whose window frame is screwed with an plexiglass shield for heat insulation and theft prevention.
Scouten thinks this is not feasible for the White House.
\"We wash the windows every day.
\"In addition to keeping the White House at 68 in the winter, the staff are also careful not to cool it down to under 78 in the summer.
\"We don\'t run the air conditioner at all to cool it, just to keep the humidity below 60,\" said Scouten.
Anything else can damage millions of dollars of furniture and art.
\"So far, the White House has not seriously considered returning to three types of energy --
It used to have Preservation Equipment & awmings, guest houses and sheep.
Friends in the middle of the Earth
In Helene Kassler\'s sunspots column, May suggested that along the ambitious \"housewarming\" set by Kassler\'s Richard Fernau, who commissioned solar system designer Dumbparts\"(
Fernau consulted the Berkeley solar energy group solar system design and consulting company and Bruce Colson from the California architect\'s office. )
Solar experts calculate that through these measures, the White House can save half of the $1, 000 steam heat bill from November to February 6: a greenhouse at the south entrance and two semi-circular greenhouses extending along almost the entire south side.
Interior colonnade of water-
Filled steel columns can absorb and store solar energy.
The water column will provide a heat source for the heat pump.
The walls of the greenhouse will be insulated from foam peanuts.
A skylight in a corridor for lighting and heating.
Solar water collector panel.
A sleeping porch with a movable Plaid screen with an oval cut allows for a great view.
South-red, white and blue canvas awning
Facing windows and greenhouse roofs.
In order to trim the lawn and provide natural fertilizer, at least 350 gallons of gasoline are saved each year, Kassler said.
A vegetable garden fueled by compost.
With the exception of the solar collector, all of these measures have historical precedents.
At least until President Harry Truman was reshaped, sunshades were used on the south side.
President Taft\'s wife insisted that a cow eat grass on the White House lawn.
President Wilson trimmed the lawn with sheep.
Although Scouten is very enthusiastic about everything else, he is not very enthusiastic about sheep.
\"I\'m afraid people will see where they go.
When they salute 21 guns, think about the sheep.
Architect Fred D. Suggested the construction of a huge crystal palace with glass cupolas on top of the greenhouse and glass cupolas on the east and west wings of the double white house
A plan commissioned by Mrs Owen
Benjamin Harrison, he wants to take the president\'s office away from the White House.
The grand plan was not built.
The White House has at least 1857 greenhouses, with greenhouses in the west and south by 1900.
It was President Theodore Roosevelt who shouted \"break the Greenhouse\" and put the West Wing up.
Jefferson ordered low in 1807.
Two pavilions, east and west.
In his anonymous entries for the design of the White House competition, Jefferson proposed a plan with the Dome of the sky lamp, and he had a fierce struggle with Benjamin latbro.
Illuminated Capitol dome
Jefferson is also responsible for the White House bunker and tree planting.
Fallen trees are thought to give cool shade in the summer while allowing the winter sun to come in.
One of the early suggestions for putting solar energy in the White House came from Ken Bossong, who edited man and energy, a newsletter for the public interest of the science center.
On January, Borson sent a letter to Carter.
Advocating Solar energy for the White House \"dramatizes the demand and potential for solar energy utilization. . .
Our research with ERDA shows that solar hot water is the cost-
Effective in Washington, D. C. C.
And almost all parts of the United States. . .
In addition, the White House-led national plan to convert solar hot water into solar hot water may eventually reduce energy supply in the United States. S.
China\'s energy consumption accounted for 4. . .
If the White House solar unit is used to launch a major federal solar construction project, it can be used most effectively.
\"This letter is common.
Signed by Alan Okagaki of the center and Harriet Barlow in rural America;
Craig Decker of the New England Technology Network;
David Morris of the local institute of self-reliance
Bosson later made the same suggestion in a letter to The Washington Post editorial column.
Robert I is replying to the letter from Borson.
Assistant chief executive of the Federal Energy Administration\'s energy resources development agency, Hanfling, wrote in a letter received on May 9: \"President Carter asked me to reply to your letter of January. 30 . . .
We are told that an appropriate federal agency will be required to launch a feasibility study to determine the technical, architectural and economic feasibility of installing solar energy in the White House as you suggested.
Kassler started her research after hearing Bossong\'s letter.
Later, she forwarded the Friends of the Earth plan to the chairman of the committee, Charles Warren, who hoped he would show President Carter. He hasn\'t.
\"I haven\'t really thought about it yet,\" he said the other day, two days after receiving the mail.
\"I haven\'t decided who I should show it to at the White House yet.
My office didn\'t make any suggestions on installing solar collectors at the White House at all.
But we recommend recycling paper.
\"On the other hand, Ronald Scott of Elda is quite enthusiastic about resolving the White House issue.
\"I believe that.
This may have an impact on energy conservation across the country.
I think it\'s great that we have a leader who thinks these ideas are worth investigating.
The plan for \"ERDA must be approved by the National Park administration, which\" owns \"the White House, and then must be carried out by GSA, all in Rex Scouten (
Under the leadership of the former president, he had to swim in the pool and under the pool.
Jimmy Carter has a disadvantage over Harry\'s homeowner in installing solar heat and protection measures.
Even if the expected tax cuts for these measures pass Congress (
What\'s the name of a friend on earth \")
If deducted from his income tax, he is still unable to deduct it.
His rent is free and he also offers utilities.
So far, no one has suggested a windmill for the White House.
But it is also said that wind power works well for Congress.
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