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SMALL BUSINESS Ice Kube\'s business growing hotter

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Production of water by Ice Cube systemsto-
Geothermal heat pumps for commercial and industrial buildings.
One of its features is the heat
Pump system designed for geothermal hockey and curling ice rink-
It says there\'s nothing else doing right now.
While these tough economic times may force some companies to scale back their international marketing efforts, this is not the case with Ice Cube.
It continues to actively seek new customers in distant markets in England, Scotland, Ireland and the Middle East.
\"We are entering the United States on a large scale. K. right now. . .
The same is true in Dubai, \"said Steve sahe, vice president of the company.
The president of international development and operations said in an interview.
\"The Netherlands is another possibility, although we are now too busy (with the U. K. and Dubai).
Local officials at the commercial development bank say companies like Ice Cube are wise to explore sales opportunities.
Rick Klimczak, consulting group manager at BDC Winnipeg\'s main branch, said it makes sense from a sales point of view because there are more than 6 billion people worldwide and 30 million in Canada.
Canadian dollar with low value-
After surpassing the ticket in 2008, it returned to the price of 80 cents in the United States --
Gives Canadian companies a huge price advantage over their American companies. S.
Competitors, says Klimczak.
He also pointed out that companies like Ice cube can also benefit from working with architects and engineers from other parts of the world who may introduce these technologies to other new technologies that have not yet been used in North America.
So they can almost piggy.
\"Go back to other technologies that are being developed elsewhere,\" Klimczak said . \".
But despite the export benefits, Klimczak, vice presidents of BDC, and Len Trotter
There are also risks, said the president and district manager of Manitoba and SA, especially if you will be paid.
\"There are both national and corporate risks,\" Trotter said . \".
\"So you have to do your homework.
\"They noted that BDC and Export Development Canada provided advice and assistance on how to develop export markets for your company and how to reduce risk.
Even though Ice Cube has not signed any European agreement yet, such a deal in the United StatesK.
The clients Razer has been fighting for include communities with their own hockey or curling rinks, who are looking for ways to reduce soaring energy costs.
A geothermal ice rink could reduce their energy consumption by more than 40, he said, which undoubtedly aroused their interest.
He also spoke to U. S. government officials. K.
And Dubai\'s geothermal heat pump on the use of Ice cube in various other buildings, including offices and industrial complexes, as well as healthcare facilities.
He said the UAE plans to build the world\'s first zerocarbon-
Footprint City, may be interested in using some ground heat pumps from ice COBE in some of its buildings.
The leading-edge refrigeration and mechanical services company decided to establish an independent-
A company that focuses entirely on the geothermal market.
In the previous seven years, it operated as a border department.
\"We started in the Manitoba market initially --
In an interview, Walter Lehmann, president of Ice Kube, said: \"usually in smaller rural communities . \".
But within two years, its geothermal heat pump caught the attention of a power company in Minnesota, which then purchased six geothermal heat pumpspump systems.
\"This is our first time. S.
Lehmann says its export sales have also grown from there.
Now, you can find the geothermal heat pump in ice COBE in ice rinks and commercial buildings across Canada and the United States.
Earlier, it even got some sales in Russia and South Korea, although Razer said the sales were \"one-off\"
Lost opportunity.
He and Lehmann said that because of Europe\'s high interest in energy, Europe has great prospects.
Environmental Conservation
Friendly products and technologies. murray.
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Global name of the company: Ice Cube systems what it does: make waterto-
Geothermal heat pumps for commercial and industrial buildings.
One of its features is the heat
Pump system designed for geothermal hockey and curling ice rink.
Export reasons: increase sales, improve the credibility of products, and reduce dependence on the domestic market.
Export place: the United States is its main export market, although it also sold some heat in the early days
Pump systems in Russia and South Korea.
Over the past two years, the company has also actively sought sales opportunities in the UK, Europe and the UAE.
\"It\'s important to think about globalization,\" experts said.
It\'s a global world, so you have to do that. \" —
Len Trotter, deputy banking Development Bank of Canada
President and Regional Manager of Manitoba and SA.
\"It\'s always great to open up new markets.
But there are also many risks. \" —
Rick Klimczak, consulting group manager for BDC\'s main branch in Winnipeg.
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