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Several characteristics of ground source heat pump market in China

by:NULITE     2019-12-08
It is understood that China's ground source heat pump is developing rapidly at a growth rate of nearly 30% every year, and the total amount of development in one year is equivalent to the sum of developed countries. All these are enough to illustrate the development speed of water-source heat pump and the market demand. All central air-conditioning enterprises basically involve the ground source heat pump business. The ground source heat pump market also presents the following four characteristics. 1. Large buildings prefer ground source heat pumps. Generally, large factories, office buildings, schools, hospitals and villas take the long-term development route, so when equipped with central air conditioning, it is hoped to choose one that has long service life, stable performance and low operation cost, but also meets the current requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction. Compared with developed countries, China's ground source heat pump still has a huge space in practical application. 1 2. The villa project has become a new growth point of the ground source heat pump market. We have done a lot of villa projects, such as villas such as Tongsheng Lake, Country Garden and Poly, and many self-built villa projects. In the future, the development of ground source heat pump will definitely favor domestic buildings, which can be referred to the development of foreign countries. In fact, not all villa projects are suitable for ground source heat pumps. The key is that there must be a certain amount of drilling space around the building. Some townhouses are more difficult. Some villas have a relatively large area. Usually there are only two or three permanent residents, and they are not often used. Many companies do not consider these factors when designing. Generally, only one host is configured. If only one or two rooms are opened and the opening time is relatively short, then the energy saving advantage is not obvious. If the villa has a large resident population and a large amount of time, the energy-saving effect of the ground source heat pump is very obvious. At the same time, if the engineer does not follow the standard in the construction of ground source heat pump, it will also cause many problems. If the construction technology of ground source heat pump and the use of related equipment and materials do not meet the requirements, the use effect and energy consumption will also be affected. 1 3. Policy subsidies increase ground source heat pump technology has many incomparable advantages compared with traditional central air conditioning. The energy efficiency of ground source heat pump is much higher than that of conventional air conditioner. Because the underground is a constant temperature layer, the temperature is relatively stable, regardless of the north and south winter and summer, generally about 18 degrees, compared to conventional air conditioning, it is much easier to absorb and release heat through groundwater or buried pipes than through the atmosphere. Especially in winter, it is even worse, because Hunan is relatively humid, the air conditioner will Frost, and it will defrost for a period of time. The heating effect is very poor. Most of them use electric auxiliary heat, which does not save energy, the ground source heat pump absorbs heat in an environment of 18 degrees and is not affected by the humid environment. In addition, the ground source heat pump * has the advantage of comfort; Secondly, the operation cost is low, space is saved, etc. It can also be used for multiple purposes, including refrigeration, hot water and heating, and heat recovery in summer. Although ground source heat pump has developed rapidly in recent years, there is no denying that the awareness and utilization rate of ground source heat pump are still not high. But fortunately, ground source heat pump conforms to the national policy of sustainable development, so it has also been vigorously promoted by the state. Changsha and Zhuzhou are China's renewable energy demonstration cities, with special subsidies for ground source heat pump projects. Most of the provinces suitable for water Geo-Heat pump development have introduced subsidy policies. Subsidies will be given directly to users, but not all projects can be subsidized. The general subsidy targets are large public welfare buildings and large factories and buildings. There is no relevant subsidy policy for villa projects. 4. The industry should strengthen supervision to promote development. At present, the application of ground source heat pump in China lags behind other central air conditioning systems in the industry, so supervision is not in place, resulting in frequent problems. Some engineering companies are very daring and dare to take over the project without relevant ability. It is not uncommon for the industry to be abducted. For example, our country requires 70- 110 w/m, our design for customers is more conservative than * value, but some engineers will not consider so much; There is also a requirement for drilling wells that the distance between Wells is more than, while some dealers do it in small places in order to take over business. There are also strict requirements for the depth of drilling, the depth of buried pipes and backfilling. With the development of society, ground source heat pump is bound to usher in the spring of development, and at this stage, supervision must be strengthened. Although the user is the final referee that determines the quality of the project, the engineer cannot let the user pay for his non-compliance.
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