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saving energy x96 tips to lower your monthly costs year round

by:NULITE     2019-09-18
Over the past few years, all of us have been looking at the rise in energy costs, which seems to have been driven by slow economic growth.
Whether you\'re thinking about environmental protection or just trying to reduce your monthly energy costs from your pocket, we \'ve put together some tips to help you out.
This is the third in a series of articles on reducing monthly energy costs.
In our first two articles, we discussed some tips for reducing energy costs during winter or summer.
In this post, we will discuss tips you can use throughout the year to help reduce your energy costs and save monthly bills.
First let\'s review some of the tips we suggest to use in winter :-
Lower your thermostat.
Wear more clothes, use the space heater, use the electric blanket at night, etc. to keep warm. -
Check the draft that enters the home through the door or window and seal it. -
Next, let\'s take a look at some of the tips we have suggested for the summer :-
Improve your thermostat.
Keep cool using fans, drinking lots of water, wearing less clothes, etc. -
Pull the curtains to block the heat of the sun. -
Using our summer and winter tips to make sure your air conditioning unit is running best will help you save energy costs throughout the year.
Many projects can help your home cool down and warm up, help your unit reduce work and reduce energy consumption. -
Regular replacement of air conditioning filters helps your device to operate at the best level in heating and cooling mode. -
Space heaters and fans help generate airflow in your home, which in turn helps your unit not to try to cycle air. -
In winter and summer, it helps to pull the curtains on the windows.
In the summer, sunshades block the direct heat of the sun.
In winter, the curtains help to block ventilation and prevent cold temperatures on the surface of the window from entering the room. -
Adding loft insulation also helps keep the heat and cool at home throughout the year, rather than letting it escape from the ceiling. -
Reducing the amount of time the outdoor pool filtration system will run during the day will greatly help reduce energy consumption.
Work with your pool professional to find the best amount of time for the system to run every day to keep the pool clean while using as little energy as possible.
You may want to consider building your own solar panels or wind turbines to power your pool pump.
There are several sites that can teach you how to do this.
See the link at the bottom of this article. -
Replacing old windows with energy-saving models can easily pay for them in a very short time.
Today, windows with low e-film are many times more efficient than old models.
The best thing is that they work both in summer and winter.
In the summer, the energy-saving windows block the direct heat of the Sun and the ambient heat outside, while guiding the cold air of the air-conditioning unit back to the room.
In the winter they do the same by reflecting the heat back into the room and blocking the cold air and the wind.
If you\'re not thinking about changing windows, your home is in your 30 s and you really should.
The money you can save can be big.
Not to mention your home will feel much better too. -
Replacing the old, dilapidated Central system will also save you money all year round.
Depending on how big your unit is, how big your house is, how good the insulation is, the savings you can see from replacing the equipment can easily pay for the new equipment in a few years. -
Cracks in the outside of your house will help to increase the insulation factor of the house, which obviously helps to block the cold and hot winds throughout the year. -
Throughout the year, energy savings can be saved by unplugging unused electrical plugs. -
Don\'t always plug in the rechargeable stuff.
Once the device is charged, unplug it completely from the wall. -
Don\'t plug in the toaster.
When you are ready to use it, it takes only a second to insert it. -
Why keep your computer running all day while you are working?
Not only turn it off, but if you put it on the surge protector, you should turn it off so that all your computer items are off, include your printer, copier, modem display, etc. -
Unplug your sauce box.
It may have several lights, and even when the device switch is off, it may have a read-out screen that stays lit. -
Battery Charger.
Once your electric drill or screwdriver battery is charged in the garage, unplug it.
So, as you can see in this series of articles, we \'ve listed a number of tips that can not only help you in summer or winter, but also help you save energy costs throughout the year.
Most of the projects we \'ve discussed are projects that you can do yourself without paying others, and in many cases you don\'t have to spend money at all.
If you do-it-yourself (DIY)
You will find most of these tips easy to understand and implement.
If not, you can do it with a little research.
There are many websites on the Internet that you can use to get resources.
Another good way to reduce energy costs is to produce your own energy by using solar panels or wind turbines.
The homeowner of your DIY will find that building solar panels or wind turbines must actually be easier than it sounds at first.
Several sites provide guidelines for building your own and take you through these steps one by one.
The key to successfully reducing energy costs throughout the year is to implement as many of our tips as possible.
When implementing one or two of them will help, you will definitely get the most out of it by implementing as many features as you can at the same time.
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