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by:NULITE     2019-09-19
In the hot weather, people will think that outdoor exercise may be secondary to the public.
But it turns out that several groups of fitness enthusiasts hit the park and streets in Indore early in the morning.
Not only did they start running during the summer rush hour, but they did everything they could to add to the flavor of the workout routine by mixing and matching some different exercises.
So start with a bike ride or a run, make a quick transition to yoga, then some cross-training, and finally a calm stretch and meditation.
Here is more information on the hybrid exercise system, which is catching up quickly with Indoreans.
Step 1: in the heart of dawn, you can easily discover entrepreneur Chandresh Jhurani riding a bike with a small group of bike lovers.
For example, after punching in, 20 km of the team went back to the Yeshwant Club where they took out the yoga mat.
\"It can become monotonous to just stick to cardio or just exercise in the gym.
In our team, we start with low-intensity or high-intensity cardio, like cycling or running, then go to yoga asanas, sit-ups, rope skipping, cross training and a series of stocks mixed with chandresh.
Like him, many others start with aerobic exercise and end with a calmer exercise.
Fitness coach Sangharsh Yadav, who is not only a member of the group but also a personal trainer for Saket
\"From the beginning of aerobic exercise, the gym has its own advantages.
Especially for beginners, with the arrival of more intense physical activity, their body will gradually warm up.
It can stimulate adrenaline, which helps people get motivation in cross-training.
\"Step 2: The idea of cross fitness and yoga is from high intensity exercise to low intensity exercise.
Once the aerobic exercise begins, the next step is intense sit-ups, rope skipping, taekwondo or zumba.
Deepesh Kumar, senior marketing manager, who is a member of such a mixed exercise group, said, \"ran 10-
12 km on a working day morning, my group came to one of the city parks where we started a series of high intensity sports such as 100 squats, 300 skipping rope, and three sets of fast mountain climbing. Burpees and other five sets.
Over the weekend, as our coaches join us, we continue to mix these with taekwondo and Zuba.
When Sakshi Bhargava, his junior marketing director, heard about the practice, she immediately joined the group.
Two weeks later, she told us, \"I joined a nearby gym in New Palia, but after half an hour of training I was bored with the same machines and equipment.
When Deepesh sir told me about his mixed exercise group, I decided to give it a try.
\"In this group, not only are all kinds of exercises that keep me investing, but the happy atmosphere and the drive to push myself fascinate me,\" Sakshi said . \".
After these intensive exercises, the group does yoga for at least half an hour.
\"We try to add strength yoga to our daily life to stretch our muscles.
In addition, we also made several rounds of suryanamaskars-10 for beginners and 30 rounds for the old predecessors.
Other hobbies include Assana, nokasana, veerbhadra asana and plank variations, \"said Mukti Chouhan, a yoga instructor who attends every other week.
Step 3: meditation after an hour and a half of detailed practice, the regime takes half
Relax and meditate for an hour to calm the senses and mind.
\"The last half hour of our workout was dedicated to stretching-shavasana, followed by meditation.
This helps to gradually cool the body and release any tension or stress that may build up, \"Chandresh shared.
Other members also see this as a proper end to a dynamic exercise.
\"Not only does this bring the body back to its previous calm, but I have noticed that since I started following this convention, I have been able to focus better at work, it doesn\'t feel so tired, \"added Sakshi.
\"Two hours of absolute fun\" in addition to a great exercise, this mixed exercise group formed throughout the city also provides members with a space to connect with similar activities
They call it \"absolute fun for two hours \".
Mitali Vishwas, a designer who didn\'t miss a workout with her team, shared, \"there are so many different workouts and everyone has different areas of expertise, we are an equal group of people.
We are very motivated. We push each other to help achieve our goals.
Even after the morning schedule, we continue to chat on social media and share videos or pictures of other interesting things we can add to our daily lives to make it more fun.
The group members said the routine was also given to their fitness partners.
\"I came here as a yoga instructor, but in the process I learned some cross-fitness skills.
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