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Review of the Hot Selling Heat Pump Market in Europe in 2022

Review of the Hot Selling Heat Pump Market in Europe in 2022


Reuters reported that according to industry analysis, the sales of heat pumps in Europe increased by more than one-third last year, reaching a historic high. Prior to this, government support and soaring fossil fuel prices have driven the significant development of heat pump technology and the market.

EHPA cited data from 21 non EU countries (including non EU UK and Norway) as well as EU member countries Finland, Germany, Italy, and Poland, stating that the total sales of heat pumps in Europe last year were 3 million units.


Germany: According to the official website of the European Heat Pump Association, in 2022, there were approximately 236000 heat pumps sold to the public for building heating in the German market. The German government expects to install more than 500000 heat pumps by 2024 and plans to achieve the goal of using at least 65% renewable energy for new heating systems by January 1, 2024, which will lead to a further increase in the number of heat pump installations in the coming years;

Norway: As one of the coldest countries in Europe, about two-thirds of Norwegian households now use heat pumps for heating, and its sales increased by 25%. In 2022, almost all new heating systems in Almost all will be powered by heat pumps;

Finland: The heat pump market in Finland is very mature, and the sales of heat pump equipment have shown astonishing growth in recent years. In 2022, the heat pump market in Finland increased by 50%;

Switzerland: In recent years, Switzerland has been installing heat pumps, which increased by 23% in 2022. In the past year, two-thirds of all heating systems sold in Switzerland are heat pumps;

Netherlands: After years of steady growth, the Dutch heat pump market surged in 2022. In 2022, the heat pump market in the Netherlands increased by 57% compared to 2021, with 70000 heat pumps installed in new buildings and around 40000 heat pumps installed in existing residential buildings; Starting from 2026, the Netherlands will prohibit the use of central heating boilers, and the government will encourage the installation of heat pumps through multiple plans and bandwidth.

Poland: Compared to 2021, the sales of heat pumps in Poland increased by 120% in 2022, with a 130% increase in central hot water equipment and a 137% increase in the number of air water heat pumps, reaching 188000 units. This means that the air water heat pump market in Poland has grown 100 times in the past 10 years, and the sales of ground source heat pumps have also significantly increased, with sales of saline/water type units increasing by 28%.

In addition, the heat pump market in Belgium and Slovakia doubled in 2022; France currently has the largest heat pump market in Europe, with a growth rate of 30% in 2022; Czech heat pump sales have also increased by 50%.