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regal beloit corp (rbc.n)

by:NULITE     2019-08-16
Regal Beloit Corporation, established in March 2, 1994, is a manufacturer of motor, electrical motion control, power generation and transmission products.
The company operates through three departments: the commercial and industrial systems division, whose main business is medium and large motors, power generation products, high
Performance of drivers, controllers and capacitors;
The climate solutions division, whose main business is small motor, control and air moving products, and power transmission solutions, is the power transmission unit, hydraulic pump drive, open gear, and professional mechanical products that control movement and torque.
Its products are sold directly to the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs)
Distributors and end users.
The company operates distribution facilities in Plainfield, Indiana; McAllen, Texas;
Ravenne, Tennessee and Florence, Kentucky are the hubs of its North American distribution and logistics operations.
The commercial and industrial systems division of commercial and industrial systems companies produces medium and large motors, commercial and industrial equipment, generators and custom drives and systems.
These products serve the commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning markets (HVAC)
Pool and spa as well as power and oil and gas systems.
Its commercial and industrial systems division designs, manufactures and sells points, points, and high-horsepower alternating current (AC)
DC current (DC)
Motors and controllers for commercial and industrial use (C&I)applications;
Solid State and electronics
Mechanical starter, contactor, relay, frequency conversion driver and integrated solution for these components;
Hazardous load motors used in commercial HVAC products, including low and medium pressure explosion-proof motors, fractional horsepower motors, electronic variable speed controls, and blowers.
Its motors are sold directly to OEM and end-user customers and through its network of direct and independent sales reps, as well as through regional and national distributors.
Its applications include pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, winches, blowers and irrigation equipment.
As of December 31, 2016, the company has also manufactured 5 to 2,900 hp precision stator and rotor kits for air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration compressor applications for direct sales to OEM customers.
As of December 31, 2016, the company also produced 5 KW to 4 MW of generator, automatic conversion switch, power generation and distribution switch devices, components and system control.
These products and systems are used in healthcare, cloud and enterprise data centers, oil and gas, marine, agriculture, transportation, government, construction and other applications.
Climate Solutions\'s climate solutions division produces small motor, control and air flow solutions that serve markets such as residential and light commercial HVAC, water heaters and commercial refrigeration.
Its climate solutions division designs, manufactures and sells fractional motors, electronic variable speed controllers and blowers for a range of residential and light commercial air mobility applications, including HVAC systems and commercial refrigeration.
These motors and blowers are an integral part of the HVAC system used to get air in and out of the furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, ventilator, fan filter box, water heater and humidifier.
It produces fractional motors and blowers for a range of other applications, including white appliances, hot water equipment, small pumps and compressors, and other small household appliances.
The precision stator and rotor groups produced by the company are from one set.
As of December 31, 2016, 5 to 5 hp of compressors assembled into air conditioners, heat pumps and refrigeration applications.
It also produces capacitors for HVAC systems, lighting and other applications.
Power transmission solutions production, sales and service of belts and chain drives, screw and worm drives, installation and unloading of bearings, coupling, modular plastic belts, conveyor chains and for the market hydraulic pump drive, large open Drive and professional mechanical products, it includes beverage, bulk handling, metal, special machinery, energy, aerospace and general industry.
The company offers unmounted bearings of various types and styles.
These include Cam follower, radial bearing and thrust bearing.
Its installed bearings include industry-specific designs.
It has a wide range of options and sizes including aerospace and special bearings, mounting bearings, unmounted bearings and corrosion-resistant bearings.
The company produces conveying products such as chain, belt, Sprocket, parts, guide rails and wear belts.
The company also manufactures disc, diaphragm and gear coupling for turbine, compressor, generator and pump applications in various industries such as petrochemical, refinery, power generation, natural gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG).
It also produces coupling and transmission elements.
Its products include gear, grille, jaw plate, elastic material, disc and universal joint.
The company produces mechanical power transmission drives, components and bearings, including belt drive, Bushing, chain and sprocket, drive tight and idle, mechanical Cam clutch and torque overload devices.
Its products serve a range of industries and applications such as aggregation, forestry and wood products, grain and biofuels, power generation, food and beverages, and HVAC refrigeration (HVACR).
It manufactures gear boxes for equipment for various applications and in-system motion control.
It provides a range of gear types, shaft configurations, ratios, shell materials, and installation methods.
Its products include spiral concentric and right angle drive, spiral and oblique tooth drive, central pivot drive and open drive.
The company competes with Weiling Holdings Limited, Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Crompton Greaves Limited, ABB ert, ABB Limited.
Siemens Co. , Ltd. , Toshiba, Cummins
, Emerson Electric, Panasonictop, Weg S. A.
, Modern, Tyco Motor Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. , Broad-Ocean Motor Co. , ebm-
Murphen GmbH & Co of Papst people.
Industrial sports company Nidec Corporation Bluffton motor factory KG
, Rexnord, Timken and SEW Eurodrive GmbH & Co.
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