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Province sweetens pot to convert to geothermal systems

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There are already interest loans, and the industrialist government gave the pot of sugar on Monday to provide cash rebates and tax credits to homeowners interested in installing underground heat pumps.
Homeowners who build new geothermal systems can now get up to $3,000.
Homeowners who choose to remove their stoves and install heat pumps can receive federal and provincial tax rebates and provincial income tax credits of up to $5,600.
There are already about 6,000 geothermal systems in operation in the province, and the number of new systems is growing about annually.
Installers hope the new incentives will double the growth rate.
Energy Minister Jim langdo announced new incentives at McPhillips Park, a 336-
The suite rental building is just north of the mountain road.
There, private developer B & M Lands has been able to do what the real estate government in Western Waverley has not done --build a large-
Development of scale housing heated by geothermal systems only.
Andrew Marquis of B & M Lands said: \"Its Underlying economics is notable enough and we think it will be a competitive advantage and will be repaid in the coming years.
\"We are geothermal and (the incentives)
A good first step.
\"Under the new grant and award system, B & M may receive approximately $150,000 in geothermal system costs from the government.
For years, Waverley West has been touted as a green suburb, including a large suburb.
Replace the natural gas pipeline with geothermal heat.
However, according to the whim of individual buyers, the first phase of the suburbs will have only a few houses with geothermal energy.
In response to criticism, the province announced last week that at least 54 sets of heat pump supplies will be available in the second phase of more than 200 households.
Details of new grants and tax rebates remain to be addressed.
The tax credit dates back to April 2007, but cash rebates for new homes did not come into effect until January.
The province hopes that the Manitoba geothermal energy alliance will help cooperate
Coordinate this project to make it as simple as possible for homeowners. maryagnes. Welch @ freepress. mb.
Tell me again.
What is geothermal?
This is a heating and cooling system that uses the energy stored in the Earth\'s crust.
The coils are installed at home or under the yard and heat is extracted from the ground floor.
It was compressed so it became hotter and then released to the home.
In order to cool the house, the opposite is true.
The heat in the house was sucked out and then pulled back to the ground.
How much does it save me for heating?
Depends, again.
The province estimates that savings can be made anywhere between 30 and 70.
Brent Lauver, chairman of the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance, has a 2,000-square-foot home and garage, and his heating costs are about $500 a year for the electricity needed to run a heat pump.
How much does a system cost? Depends.
Depending on the size of the House and the size of the yard, it may take $22,000 to renovate an old house and $16,000 to build a new house.
What are the new goods provided by the solid government?
They are a little complicated.
If you build a new one, you can get a $2,000 tax credit and a $1,000 cash grant at 4 points, as well as an existing electricity smart loan.
9 cents interest.
If you transform your existing house, you can get a tax credit worth $2,100, a federal grant worth $3,500, and low power intelligenceinterest loan.
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