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pros & cons of water aerobics

by:NULITE     2019-08-28
If a treadmill or elliptical glider doesn\'t appeal to you, get a good workout on your swimsuit.
Water aerobics or water fitness provides entertainment and sports activities for a wide range of people, but it is especially beneficial for the elderly or those who do not want to put too much pressure on their joints.
Water aerobics classes are usually done in the pool and music is used to motivate students to make the exercise fun.
The coach can get up on the deck, show the action, or get into the water with the students. Deep-
Aerobic exercise on the water requires the use of special floating to provide stability and buoyancy. It\'s Low-
ImpactWater aerobic exercise is easy for joints and therefore good for people with arthritis or other activity problems.
The low effect on joints also makes aerobic exercise in water a good exercise option for overweight people.
Low disadvantages-
The nature of the effect of aerobic exercise in water is that it is effective to build strong bones or thin muscles with little. Weight-
Exercise can exercise bones and muscles.
Because water minimizes the effects of gravity and weight, aerobic exercise in water is not the best exercise for this purpose.
Some water cardio exercises use weight, which does help to increase muscle mass, mainly in the upper body.
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The water environment of the swimming pool has its benefits.
Specifically, it keeps the body cool.
In particular, people who are overweight may overheat during exercise and sometimes become too tired to continue.
The water is like a temperature regulator, which effectively dissipate heat.
Also, water feels good most of the time, especially in hot weather.
One drawback of exercising in the swimming pool is that some water cardio enthusiasts have side effects from the water disinfection process in the swimming pool.
Pool customers may be allergic to chlorine or Bromo, which is two commonly used chemical disinfectants in the pool.
Typical complaints include redness and scalding of the eyes;
Dry and itchy skin;
There are occasional lung irritation.
It helps to lose weight aerobic exercise burns calories.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost any type of physical activity benefits participants.
The CDC website lists 2008 sports activity guidelines in the United States and recommends adults to perform moderate aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes per week.
According to CDC, aerobic exercise in water is a moderate aerobic exercise, which is good for both the cardiovascular system and the overall health level of the individual.
Unfortunately, aerobic exercise in the water does not consume more calories as intense exercise does.
For example, water cardio burns 298 calories per hour for 155-pound adult.
The same adult consumes 930 calories at 7: 00 an hour.
5 miles per hour.
While exercise is an excellent way to improve health and maintain weight loss, it is not a guaranteed way to lose weight.
Reducing calories, combined with a reasonable exercise program, is the best way to achieve lasting results.
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