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Promoting low-carbon development, NULITE enters the CEIBS HVAC Talent Innovation Hub


In order to implement the requirements of General Secretary Jin Ping on building a China-EU green partnership, on the afternoon of October 26, the China-Switzerland Green Building Development Forum and the Swiss Alps Sustainable Building Award-winning Exhibition were held in Changzhou, aiming to strengthen China-EU zero-carbon technology , Cooperation and exchanges in the fields of clean energy, building energy conservation and digitalization. During the conference, the "China-Europe HVAC Talent Innovation Port Commencement Ceremony" and the "China-Europe HVAC Industry Green Development Proposal" were launched simultaneously.

      The CEIBS HVAC Talent Innovation Port is located in Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu. It is one of the commissioned projects of the CEIBS (Changzhou) Green Innovation Park. As a large-scale HVAC talent innovation platform, NULITE, as the leading brand in the heat pump industry, is the first to enter. At present, it has successfully introduced more than 30 well-known HVAC brands from China and Europe, including more than 10 well-known European brands.

      As a leading brand in China’s air source heat pump . industry, NULITE insists on resonating at the same frequency as the country’s development. This time, it enters the Innovation Harbor with a high-standard booth, uses air energy comfort systems to construct a healthy living environment, and creates a “whole house floor heating, air conditioning, A comfortable environment with hot water, fresh air and clean water. NULITE, known for its scientific and technological innovation, invests nearly 50 million yuan in technology research and development every year, and currently has nearly 1,000 national patents, participated in the formulation of 2 national standards, 11 industry standards, and 4 group standards. It is a national high-tech enterprise.

       The entry into the "China-Europe HVAC Talent Innovation Hub" is not only a simple booth display, but also an action that NULITE insists on implementing the concept of green development as its mission. The on-site high-standard booth and the introduction of professional technology attracted visitors from home and abroad to stop and listen and communicate.

      In the future, NULITE will carry out in-depth technical cooperation with green industries in China and Europe in terms of resource recycling, zero-carbon technology, clean energy, and smart cities to promote low-carbon development of heat pump .

      At the meeting, NULITE, as a representative of the heat pump  industry manufacturer, and HVAC upstream and downstream companies participated in the launch ceremony of the "China-Europe HVAC Industry Green Development Proposal", and solemnly proposed: the whole industry should improve its position, build consensus, be brave to take responsibility, and implement it. Responsibility for carbon emission reduction in the HVAC industry, fully promote carbon emission reduction in the HVAC industry, and work hard to achieve the double carbon goal in advance! Make positive contributions to building a beautiful China and building a beautiful world together!

      Global energy development is facing unprecedented changes. General Secretary Xi repeatedly emphasized: “Countries are interconnected and interdependent, and the global destiny is shared and interrelated.” China is the largest emerging market country, and the European Union is the largest developed economy. The intersection of strategic cooperation between the two parties continues to expand, and China-EU HVAC talent innovation The Hong Kong took advantage of the trend, and it will be a highland where green industries and low-carbon technologies will gather in the future.


      Observe the general trend and show the direction. NULITE will continue to lead the application and innovation of air source heat pumps, keep pace with the rhythm of green development, and at the same frequency as the trend of the country, and contribute to the promotion of the green development of the HVAC industry