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Our business trip in Vietnam

Our business trip in Vietnam


Vietnam , April 28, 2018 -- Because of significant increasing demand from Southeast Asia for NULITE NEW ENERGY heat pump hot water products in the last six months, NEW ENERGY, a leading heat pump manufacturer in China, has announced that it will launch even more new products and market support resources in Southeast Asia. mike Deputy General Manager in charge of global overseas business, stated that we has developed a series of new hot water heat pump products specially developed for the Southeast Asian market, which were unveiled at the recent HVACR Vietnam.

The variety of NEW ENERGY hot water heat pumps launched in Southeast Asia this year are the results of NULITE NEW ENERGY's mature product application integrating its experiences in both the Chinese market and the European market, specifically based on the climate characteristics and user habits of Southeast Asia.

NULITE NEW ENERGY heat pump hot water solutions have found considerable success in countries throughout Southeast Asia in the last few years.Demand from Indonesia, India and Vietnam has recently increased significantly, with both the NULITE NEW ENERGY with a 4.68 high COP and the HeatSpring Series with a high outlet temperature of 80°C in especially high demand

Below are pics of our business trip to Vietnam from 23rd to 29th Apr.