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ontario offering thousands in rebates for energy-efficient home renovations

by:NULITE     2019-09-12
The province will offer thousands of dollars in rebates to homeowners who choose energy
The Ontario government said Wednesday efficient renovations, including windows and insulation.
Good announcement.
Timed, occurs on a day when the temperature is far below zero.
Environment and Climate Change Minister Chris Ballard and green Ontario fund chairman Parminder Sandhu announced new measures in the Mars exploration area on Wednesday morning.
Rebates will be provided through the Ontario Green Fund
Profitable provincial institutions funded by the province\'s upper limit funds-and-trade program.
The new rebate is :-
Replace windows up to $5,000 for specific requirements. -
Discounts on new insulation are up to $7,200, and discounts on air seals are up to $100. -
Energy Star up to $20,000
Certified soil source heat pumps, or repair existing heat pumps up to $4,500. -
Energy Star offers a maximum discount of $5,800
Certified air source heat pump or pump that meets program requirements.
Homeowners and tenants can also get a $100 smart thermostat rebate.
In order to get a rebate, the homeowner must work with contractors who have screened and qualified under the plan and listed in GreenON. ca.
The project \"will make it easier and more affordable for homeowners,\" Ballard said\"
Friendly choice for their family decoration.
\"If your second floor or expansion has never warmed up, then the green Ontario foundation is here to help,\" Ballard told reporters . \".
\"Our homeinsulated.
The bigger your home, the more money will flow out through the heat and cold.
With the pollution of greenhouse gases, money is losing.
\"The Green Ontario fund is part of the province\'s climate change action plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to less than 1990 by 2020, to 37 by 2030 and to reach by 2050.
Ballard said on Wednesday that buildings in Ontario produced greenhouse gas pollution for nearly a quarter.
Under the seal of the provinceand-
Trade plans, businesses that exceed the province\'s cap on greenhouse gas emissions will either have to buy subsidies from the market at the time of the auction or from companies whose emissions are below the cap.
So far, four auctions have been held in the province, with an auction amount of more than $1.
Ballard said 9 billion of the proceeds.
He said the province needs to put all this money into projects to prevent or reduce greenhouse gas pollution.
In addition to kickbacks, Ballard also announced the creation of GreenONSupport, a telephone line that homeowners can call to get advice on what projects and kickbacks might be the best for their home.
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ontario offering thousands in rebates for energy-efficient home renovations-NULITE