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by:NULITE     2019-08-16
Category 1 | magic Air India team from Maharaja environmental management systems division, a large enterprise, is committed to reducing carbon emissions, fuel consumption and checking the use of natural resources.
From training employees in environmental awareness, to afforestation, to optimizing the flight planning system, to improving engine efficiency, this team has done it.
Consumer durable goods reported that the video site | Aurangabad designed efficient processes and introduced new energy-saving technologies that reduced greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide equivalent to 19. 6 million
The company emphasizes the use of RoHS (
Limit harmful substances)
Components and processes. Zero-
Bilt Graphic Paper Products Co. , Ltd | bhiwan paper-
Manufacturer units near Pune have achieved zero emissions of liquid and solid waste.
Reducing water, electricity and steam consumption in the manufacturing process leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
Class 2 | community-led action
South Asian forum on the promotion of human rights | Kolkata, with a focus on revitalization
Security helps local communities achieve sustainable development.
They work in areas where biodiversity is rich but climate-appropriate.
Work safely with Fisher
People free them from dependence on sops and see \"biological rights\" as a financial instrument.
Natural Care, natural Vivekananda Training Institute for Rural Development in Kuchi | Kuchi, whose main activities include rainwater collection and watershed development, the creation of a drinking water distribution system, prevent salt water from infiltrating into fresh water sources and develop \"salinity intrusion\" of salinity-resistant crops \".
Category 3 | innovative Urja cakewalk energy research application for climate protection | clean fuel for Ranchi AK Singh is driven by a large amount of sponge iron waste.
His energy cake allows oxygen and carbon to interact nearby.
Burn completely, make sure to save fuel wood and reduce carbon emissions significantly.
Singh works with women\'s groups to help families and families save energy in traditional inefficient systems.
Blowing hot and cold Mahindra Vehicle manufacturer limited | Pune in the paint shop, on the one hand, it takes a high level of heat to heat chemicals.
On the other hand, there is huge paint
Electricity-cooling needed
A large amount of waste heat is generated using a running chiller.
Mahindra\'s team converted the waste heat into usable heat and then used it for the chemical heating process.
This is the air in the system-to-
The heat exchanger recovers heat from the oven, while the heat pump is used to recover heat from the cooler.
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