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Zengcheng production base has put into operation

Zengcheng production base has put into operation


Since the official groundbreaking of construction in June 2016, after more than three years, the main project of the NULITE new energy (Guangzhou) Co.Ltd.news-Nulites Zengcheng production base has put into operation-NULITE-img Zengcheng Headquarters Base has been completed, and all the workers and Production equipment has been moving from HuaDu district to Zengcheng district.

Arriving at the factory, through the automatically identified brake channel, driving into the roadside green trees and safflower, parked in the designated parking space. Looking around, the green grass is shaded, mango, jackfruit, bayberry, litchi, and fruit trees stand; more than 100 parking spaces for electric cars and cars are in order.

 Entering the office building and production workshop, the modern office environment designed with the theme of “sharing” and “openness” is full of creativity and humanistic care. Intelligent production workshops and automated production lines not only increase production efficiency, but also reduce labor intensity.NULITE-Nulites Zengcheng Production Base Has Put Into Operation, Guangdong New-2

With the updated producting base, we have reason to believe that we could provide higher and more quality heat pump for the customers all over the world, cearting a comfortable living environment for human beings while saving more energy.