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Nulite provides heat pump for heating for elderly apartments


Since this winter, the cold wave has hit, and the temperature in various places has constantly refreshed its lowest value. In Changbai Mountain’s apartment for the elderly, there is a sense of warmth. Air-source heat pump central heating was implemented here as early as early October, half a month earlier than municipal central heating, to ensure that the elderly are healthy and warm through the winter. Located in the northwest of Yanji City, Yanbian Prefecture, Changbaishan Senior Citizen Apartment covers an area of 6.3 hectares. It is composed of apartment buildings and villas. It officially welcomed the first batch of residents in 2013 and is the largest elderly care service organization in Yanbian Prefecture. With the advancement of the country’s coal-to-electricity conversion, in order to provide comfortable heating experience for the elderly apartments, the Changbaishan elderly apartment operators actively inspected and compared fully, and finally chose the Niuentai air source heat pump to replace the original gas heating and provide heating services for nearly 30,000 square meters. .



Central heating project of Changbaishan elderly apartment, construction date: August-September 2020, heating area: nearly 30,000 square meters, project address: Yanji City, Jilin Province, equipment quantity: Nulite 20 units G60KD, 3 units G30KD

As the engineering side, the Nulite Changbai Mountain Senior Apartment Project Team fully considered the two major needs of senior apartment: one is the long heating time; the other is the high indoor temperature requirement. From design to construction, it guarantees the implementation of the two major requirements, and at the same time overcomes the construction difficulties of placing the host on the slope to meet the heating needs of the elderly.

Heating time is 180-200 days! In the northern regions, most of the municipal heating time is concentrated in November. In Northeast China, the average temperature in October in many parts of Jilin is below 10℃. The use of Nulite air source heat pump for central heating can ensure long-term heating for elderly apartments. The operator can turn on Nulite heating equipment from October to April of the following year according to temperature requirements. The average indoor temperature is ≥25℃. In winter, the temperature requirements of the elderly greatly exceed those of the young. The metabolism of the elderly slows down and the body heats slowly. In low-temperature weather, the required home temperature must be 25°C or above. Nulite air source heat pump, -35℃ strong heating, majestic heat, to ensure the comfortable temperature value of the elderly apartment.


From October last year to the present, the project has been running stably, and the operator has very recognized the GKD series units in the project. The operator said: In this year’s extremely cold weather, the lowest temperature in Yanji was more than 20 degrees below zero, and in winter it was more than ten degrees below zero. Nulite’s units can operate stably at an ultra-low temperature of -35 degrees Celsius, and can automatically and quickly defrost, which is effective The ground ensures that the elderly in the elderly apartment will spend this cold winter comfortably and warmly.